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Haiti Ladies Home Journal

I’ve been blessed with abundance. A recent trip to Haiti with Ladies Home Journal and Crocs served as a reminder for me to practice gratitude. Last December, I traveled with Sally Lee (Editor of LHJ), LuAnn De Lesseps (of Real Housewives fame), Jennifer Brandt (PerfectlyDisheveled.com), Cathering Connors (HerBadMother.com) and a team from CrocsCares and LHJ. Our mission was to pass out hundreds of new Crocs shoes to Haitian school children in need.

We arrived in Haiti during the late afternoon and I quickly learned that Haiti will not be kept to a NYC pace of efficiently. As we scurried around the airport, we discovered many of the shoes we were to deliver were still held up in customs. The persistent women from Crocs eventually freed the shoes—but not without some drama. Lesson learned: The Crocs team wasn’t just about a photo op. They wanted to get as many pairs of shoes onto deserving feet as humanly possible.

haiti dusty roads

From the airport, we climbed into trucks and slowly, slowly chugged up the hills form Port au Prince to Pétion-Ville (a suburb of sorts of Port-au-Prince). The drive lasted about two hours due to dense traffic. The good news? I had plenty of time to soak in my surroundings. Haiti has had a immensely difficult time rebuilding after the 2010 magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Many buildings in Port-au-Prince remain in shambles.

haiti shanty

The hilly area where we were staying wasn’t particullay hard-hit from the 2010 earthquake, but it was cut off from vital access to Port-au-Prince’s supplies and support. The poverty was palpable. The streets were strewn with litter, and far too many young men an women wandered around aimlessly or took a stab at selling cheap goods from roadside stands. It didn’t take two hours to discern that Haiti is hurting for industry and jobs.

haiti school

Thankfully, some organizations are helping the country rebuild. A good place to start is the school. During our stay we saw three schools and each one was notable for the ingenious ways it served a community. With miniscule budgets, communities did their best to get the children of Haiti a leg up. No matter where you go in the world, we all want the best for our kids.

Haiti school kids

The schools consisted of cinderblock walls and scant supplies. Most families were lucky to scrape together the school fees to cover attendance–there was nothing left for books or supplies. Aid organizations provide what they can. Crocs worked with Feed The Children to orchestrate this shoe drop. Feed the Children has been working to immunize children and get nutritious meals to those in need via community schools.

Just like in any community in the USA, the local school is a community hub. For Haitian kids, school is where they can get medical attention and a regular meal. Rural communities like the ones we visited, don’t have the funds for clinics and there seems to be little reliable food aid.

haitian lunch program

Children trek for miles on dusty, rocky roads for the chance at a meal and perhaps some basic instruction. The lucky few will stick with school and go on to a shot at higher learning in a distant city. With a little more luck, these students will return to help Haiti rebuild. You can see how the process is a long and winding one. The first step is to get children regular medical care, food, and teachers who can make a difference. That’s where CrocsCares come in. Part symbolic, part practical, the act of giving shoes to these needy kids was meant to do two things. First, show the children that they are loved and valued (I am sure there are many, many days when they feel forgotten) Second, help the journey to school be a little lighter, brighter and sunnier.

crocs cares

So we lugged new, bright, beautiful shoes up and down the hills of Haiti. We sat and fit hundreds of little (and big!) feet with ladybug Crocs, striped Crocs, hot pink Crocs, pirate Crocs…you get the picture. My goal was to treat every little foot with the same loving care I would give my girls back at home. Since there was a BIG language barrier (I don’t speak French or Creole), I just merrily sang my favorite Disney tunes as I fitted the little feet.

Haitian Schoolkids

Did the kids know what was going on? I’m not sure. But this I know: For a brief respite life wasn’t as hard. Someone was taking care of them. Giving them something new and pretty and maybe, just maybe, giving them a reason to hope for something better than the cards they had been dealt. We were rewarded with smiles, giggles and the feeling that for a moment we made a difference.

Everywhere you look in Haiti you can see rubble. From the buildings to the broken down adults. But here’s the thing: Hope exists in these kids. In horrible surroundings, they found the capacity to smile. We were treated to a few songs in thanks. The smiles and the melodies will stick with me for a lifetime. Buying shoes for my girls can never be a simple act again.

blogging team Haiti

Hotel Kinam was a little oasis of calm throughout our busy stay. The friendly staff did their best to keep us in hot showers, cool rooms—both of which were much appreciated and a true rarity in Haiti. Back there with our little group we shared stories of the children and of wanting to do more. My mission is to spread the word. I hope you’ll join me by sharing this story in social media and supporting the trip’s sponsors. Tweet this: “Join the 5000 likes 5000 shoes movement http://wp.me/p2X4rL-dT1 @crocs @LHJmagazine @momtrends”

Join the “5000 likes 5000 shoes initiative and enter for a chance to win lunch with LuAnn:

crocs cares

Find out more about our mission in this April’s Ladies Home Journal (with the incredible TIna Fey on the cover!) on newsstands now.


Read more about CrocsCares here. Follow the movement on twitter @CrocsCares and on Facebook www.facebook.com/crocscares

For more pictures from the trip, visit the Momtrends Facebook album here.

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  • theshoppingmama

    What an amazing experience, Nicole! Thank you for sharing the incredible photos and stories from your mission.

    • momtrends

      Thanks Kate, it was a real eye-opener.

  • Loukia

    What an experience to be a part of… must have been such a great feeling to help out this way!

    • momtrends

      I think the kids did more for me than I them. So worthwhile to do these mission trips.

  • Monica

    This is beautiful and I love that you are using your platform to share such social goodness. Your photos are fantastic and give insight into the rural poverty and food insecurity plaguing Port-au-Prince. Thank you for sharing!

  • So incredible Nicole! What an amazing experience to be a part of!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the experience…

    • momtrends

      Thanks Whitney. I tried to do the experience justice.

  • KateBayless

    What an experience! It’s easy to get disheartened when you see that kind of poverty, but in spite of it all, the kids still have joy, still have hope. Well done!

    • momtrends

      I always try to focus on the positive while keeping an eye on the truth.

  • What an amazing experience and great cause. I’ll be sure to spread the word.

  • momtrends

    Thank you Monica. And I agree, it’s so nice to use my platform for good.

  • Haiti is such an incredible place and I love reading about the work that you did with LHJ and Crocs to benefit the kids there. I truly wish that more could go and experience the beauty of the country, the kind hearts of the people, and joy from helping children as you did. Congratulations on a job well done and to Crocs and LHJ for their involvement in a place that continues to struggle and needs our assistance not only with products, but also sharing the stories of good.

    • momtrends

      Thanks Leticia. I agree, I think getting to see the issues first hand is essential.

  • What an incredible experience — and an important one. Thanks so much for sharing all this.

    • momtrends

      Yes there was poverty, yet it remains one of the most beautiful experiences of my career.

  • What an amazing and powerful experience. Love this so much.

    • momtrends

      Thanks Tracy!

  • I can’t even begin to imagine how incredible that experience was! To say this and those children are inspirational would be a gross understatement!

    • momtrends

      Oh, the kids were amazing. Resilient and wonderful.

  • momtrends

    Thanks Cori!

  • Good for you! This is an amazing trip and program… thanks for sharing.

  • This looks like a wonderful program. Anything that enables the health and well being of children is wonderful in my book.

    • momtrends

      Thanks Jill.

  • This is beautiful. I just returned from Haiti so I could totally envision the joy and sounds and love. Thank you.

    • momtrends

      The more I learn about Haiti, the more I am heartened by all the support they are getting. There is hope.

  • Jenie Kolar

    So glad that you not only made a difference in the lives of those who need it most, but also personally benefitted from your mission trip. We all need opportunities to give back and appreciate that this world is much bigger than ourselves. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  • What a wonderful experience! So proud of you for using your voice and your influence to help children.

    Side Note: Where did you get that striped skirt? Love it!

    • momtrends

      I got the skirt in Singapore last summer!

  • Terry Moragne-Macon

    Thanks so much for helping the families in Haiti. Just a little goes a long way there. They are so appreciative. I am traveling to Haiti in August 2013 to Maissaide and Fugasse. My organization Divine Intervention International Ministries would like to partner with you to give some Crocs to children there.
    My email address is sweegul@verizon.net. My name is Terry Moragne-Macon, I reside in Philadelphia PA. If you are interested, Please contact me and I can give you some more information.
    Again, Thanks
    Peace and Blessings