Fresh Ways to Wear Your Silk Scarves

Fresh Ways to Wear Your Silk Scarves

Liven up your winter look with a scarf!  At a recent Momtrends event in NYC I got to work with Echo to dream up three fresh ways to wear your silk scarves. Perfect timing really. I have to say I am pining for spring. I’m so weary of blazers, boots and sweaters at this point. One option would be to shop for new sweaters and coats. Not happening. To get through the chilly days yet to come in March, I’ve got to get creative.

This week I dove into my scarf bin and came up with three ways to use a scarf as an accessory:

Fresh Ways to Wear Your Silk Scarves

1.) Bracelet: A new way to style some “arm candy.” Skip the bangles and wrap a colorful scarf around your wrist.

2.) Rosette: Pretty and easy to tie, the rosette works well with blazers, jackets and cardigans.

3.) Head scarf: There is no such thing as a bag hair day with a great scarf in your closet.

My look for this experiment was pretty basic. A navy Rag & Bone jacket that I wear all the time. J Brand denim, White Ralph Lauren shirt. Boots. The outfit is kind of a snooze. When I worked in this amazing butterfly scarf, suddenly everything felt new again. The moral of the story–you don’t need a new wardrobe. Now is the time to play with accessories.

Master all three with this quick, instructional video:

Now I want to know what you’ve been wearing. Do you add scarves to your look? I love the way they can dress up a look. They are also great for travel (check out this video on how to turn a scarf into a vest).
  • I have so many silk scarves sitting in my drawer, this has inspired me to pull them out and wear them!

    • momtrends

      Show me!

  • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

    Wow, I love all of these ways. I never would’ve thought about tying one on my wrist but what a fresh, fun way to wear it. Such a gorgeous scarf too, very spring-like.

  • April

    Oh, how fun! Love the print on those scarves…great way to add some color!

    • momtrends

      Thanks April. I’m trying not to buy anything until I jump into spring clothing!

  • Tiffany

    I’m wearing a silk scarf right now and I can only ever think of one way to wear it. =) Thanks for the tips!

  • I love rockin’ my scarves gypsy style!

    • momtrends

      Such a great accessory for the bad hair days!

  • Jeannie

    Very cool! Looks beautiful on you!

  • momtrends

    Thanks Alison. I loved the bracelet style too.

  • momtrends

    Yay! for scarves.

  • Kim, USA

    I like silky scarves I use it even in summer ^_^

  • Jenny @ Babblings of a Mommy

    I love your videos. Great tips!


  • Tia Harmon

    These scarves are amazing! Love the butterflies!!!

    • momtrends

      Thanks Tia. This print is so amazing!

  • susan

    Nicole, you must wear a headscarf every day. Looks SO gorgeous on you!!

  • oksana

    Thank you for hosting the party. Great video!!!

  • Oh to Be a Muse

    I will definitely consider wearing my silk scarf as a cravat!

    • momtrends

      Oh, glad I inspired a bit!

  • Alicia @MommyDelicious

    I love the idea of wearing the scarf like a bracelet. I did that before by default and it was pretty classic! Nice looks Nicole!

    • momtrends

      It’s nice with a shorter length too. Play around with it.

  • momtrends

    Thank you!

  • momtrends

    Silk is perfect in any weather.

  • momtrends

    Thanks Jenny. More coming soon.

  • momtrends

    Aww, you’re the best.

  • momtrends

    thank you!

  • The bracelet one made me laugh. Looks like a tourniquet. The only ways I’ll wear a neck scarf is the on the neck, as a headband or my favorite way, on a bag.

  • Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    I looooove a good scarf! I usually where mine the same way all the time: folded in half with the ends pulled through the loop. Boring, I know, but so easy! Once in a while I need to step outside my confront zone.

  • biti

    Great party, thank you!

  • This blazer is so sharp! The scarf as bracelet is so clever. I’m going to try it when the weather gets warmer and shorter sleeves come out!

  • I love it as a headscarf!!

  • Pam at Triple Threat Mommy

    I totally missed talking to the Echo girls at the event, so SO glad that you had made this video 🙂 Love the rosette and the bracelet…will be sporting that this spring!