Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Test Results

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Did you notice that little snowstorm this week? Nemo was not nice to the roads or to skin. The harsh cold conditions sucked the moisture out of a lot of skin. But thanks to the Dial 7-Day Moisturizing lotion I was in perfect shape to hit the slopes and shovel the car out with no fear of destroying my skin.

For the past week, Dial has had a place of honor on my bathroom counter. When I step out of the shower, my first move is to slip on Dial 7-Day Moisturizing–the first 7-day moisturizing lotion from Dial leaves your skin soft for up to seven days.** Not only did my skin thrive under the harshest conditions that winter can bring (22 inches of snow!), but I’m date-night ready to show off some skin for my Valentine’s Day plans with my husband.

I’ve got the perfect dress ready to slip on and I won’t have to worry about elephant-like skin. We’ve been together for 11 years and I hope my skin feels as soft to him as the first time we held hands in the movies all those years ago in NYC.

Why did I get such good results? Dial?’s 7-Day Moisturizing Extra-Dry Lotion has shea butter. Shea butter has essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidant compounds to provide extreme moisture and also restore skin cells. This fast absorbing, non-greasy formula deeply hydrates to leave your skin with a weightless shield of moisture that?s clean to the touch. The new Dial 7-Day Moisturizing lotion penetrates deeply into your skin to keep your skin hydrated for up to seven days. The exclusive formula found in Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is infused with 7 bionutrients that address the specific needs of your skin, leaving you feeling soft and clean.

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Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. **Note on testing results–after 2 weeks of use.