Launching of the New RetailMeNot Coupon App

I’m not a coupon clipper.  No matter how much I want to buy stuff at the best price, I just can’t keep track of all the little pieces of paper that couponing generally includes. And how many discount club membership cards am I really supposed to carry around in my wallet?

RetailMeNot has just launched their solution–harness the power or Facebook with their  Facebook app and the power of geofencing with their  iPhone app.

Despite a crazy November snowstorm, I was privileged to check out the new app before it launched completely…amid luscious snacks and drinks at the Andaz hotel.

Basically, with the Facebook app, the shopper gets to login to his or her Facebook account and choose favorite stores.  When one logs in to the app, a whole host of deals are immediately available for use and for social sharing.  The iPhone app uses a technology called ‘geofencing’, which basically boils down to the app finding relevant coupons in your immediate area.

      Coupons with bar codes that are able to be scanned right from my iPhone? No muss, no fuss and the best prices available wherever I happen to be?  This app truly takes a whole lot of the legwork out of couponing.

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