Treating Eczema with Vidazorb


Eczema is a mild condition that many children suffer from that causes them to have red and itchy bumps and spots throughout their skin. While the cause is somewhat of a mystery (some believe that is a combination of genetics and the body’??s response to “allergens such as food, fabric, grass, pollen and other environmental factors”), we are learning how to maintain it and treat it from not using certain laundry detergents to eating differently to even using the probiotic supplement Vidazorb (check out our full review here).

Being that October is Eczema Awareness Month, our friends over at Vidazorb shared some important information about how supplements can both prevent and treat symptoms of eczema. What is really interesting about their connection with eczema is that they never set out to create a product of this nature.  Founder and CEO Frank Hodal stated, ‘??To our great surprise Belly Boost’?¢ has been the catalyst for many stories and relationships (about eczema).”

Before your child or your start taking Vidazorb, you should identify exactly what the rash is and then try to figure out what might be using the eczema. This can include a change in diet or not using certain lotions, perfumes, etc. Another option is to use Vidazorb. This completely safe and drug-free solution contains useful strains of essential probiotic alive that can “help to balance the intestinal microflora and immune system of children,” according to Mary Hartley, RD.

Available in chewable form, Vidazorb tablets come in several formulations such as lemon, wild berry, vanilla, pomegranate and orange pineapple. In addition to relief from eczema, Vidazorb is designed to assist with nutrient absorption, fight free radicals and improve overall digestive health.

While there is no cure for eczema, Vidazorb offers relief through their innovative formula that is safe, easy to chew and designed to help with overall health.

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