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Rent the runway feature

I love my designer fashions. But due to limited closet space and mindfulness when it comes to expenses, I simply can’t have every fashion that strikes my fancy. Or can I?

As part of the Fashion Forward Conference, co-hostess Audrey McClelland and I both got to rent designer gowns for one of our looks for the runway portion of the event.

To begin, I simply clicked on to So many of my favorite designers were there.  You can sort by price, style, designer, trend, color….it is so easy to find inspiration.

All in, I spent about 20 minutes searching for “the dress.” I wanted something smashing so I started with a few of my favorite designers–Missoni and Donna Karan. I did find this green Missoni right away and after a bit of hunting his blue Diane vonFurstenberg dress. spoke to me.  I ordered both and was able to get an extra size in the blue dress. With shipping the three dresses came to $220.

rent the runway

The dresses arrived next day (I live in NYC and this service is included) in a hanging bag. Inside the bag were the dresses in drycleaning bags and a return envelop (see below).

rent the runway packaging

I was pretty convinced that the Missioni would be the winner. But when I slipped them on the Missoni was “eh” and the blue one-shoulder number really popped. TIP: Always give yourself options when renting. It’s worth the extra money to make sure you’ll look great for your big event.

The DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Nicoletta Dress rents for $75 (retail price is $345). While I didn’t add them on, RTR does suggest jewelry and a bag for each outfit. A nice finishing touch.

Here’s a look at Audrey & I all glammed up:

After the event, I simply folded the three dress and put them in the white USPS envelop. Postage was included and all I had to do was drop off the dress with my doorman for out mailman to pick up. Easy as 1-2-3. Click-wear-return. Have you ever rented from them? I’d love to hear  your experience.  As for me, I know I’ll try this again for my next big event. This week we have a great set of bangles to inspire you to link up.


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A portion of the fashion show was sponsored by Rent the Runway. Most of these photos are courtesy of Bellamy Blue NYC.

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  • such a great idea¬ i wonder if there is a British equivalent! The blue looks wonderful on you, it really pops on your beautiful tan. And that gold clutch looks gorgeous! :)x

    • Who knows maybe they will come to the UK soon!

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  • I’ve never tried Rent the Runway, but I’ve heard so many great things from everyone who has. I will definitely use it if I have a need for it.

    • I’m thinking I will use it again this holiday season.

  • That dress is perfect on you! Great choice…the color really does pop!

    • Thanks April. I did want something that would stand out in photos.

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  • you look beautiful! I love the color of that dress!

  • You look so pretty!

    • Thanks Tami, can’t wait to see what you were wearing.

  • You looked gorg in that dress!

    • I was sad to send it back, but it was fun while it lasted.

  • I had tried RTR 2 years back for a friend’s wedding and I became their loyalist. It is such a great concept. Loved your one shoulder dress. Looks great on you 🙂

    ‘?? © ‘??

    • Tnavi, I’m definitely hooked.

  • Love that dress on you!

    Renting is such a great idea– especially if you have a ton of weddings in a season. It can save you sooo much money while still looking fab!

    • Can’t agree enough–I know I will be back again!

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  • that is soo cool! i want to try out their service sometime!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • You look fabulous! Great pick for you:)

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  • That is so cool that you were able to rent what you wanted to wear! You looked absolutely smashing!!

  • Since I almost never have any truly fancy events to attend, there’s really no point in me having any fancy dresses in my closet, so I think if I were invited to an event like that, I would definitely use Rent the Runway!

  • You are beautiful!


  • I have always wanted to try Rent the Runway! Since you had such a great experience, maybe I’ll give it a try!!! ~Sarah

  • Rent the Runway is such an interesting concept! I’ve never heard of it before, but if I ever have a gala to go to, I’d definitely consider using it!

  • That’s a great idea. During the holidays I buy a dress that I only wear once a year, this is easy and you can stay in style without breaking the family budget.


  • You look fantastic! But I think the problem I have is that I would want to keep the dresses, haha

    • Well, they do have sample sales!

  • You look stunning Nicole. That color is gorgeous and you certainly have the body for it!

    Believe it or not, I haven’t tried Rent the Runway. $75 for one wear doesn’t make sense to me but I admire the business plan! They carry some major pieces that I normally wouldn’t buy so MAYBE one day!

    • I would normally spend 300 or so on a party dress and would likely only wear it 2-3 times. It’s about managing closet space and managing trends. I would rent trendier pieces and invest in dresses that can go the distance.

  • Had no idea it was that simple. What a great way to wear designer dresses for important events.
    Didn’t get the whole ’empty stroller’ you were posing with. 🙂

    The dress looks smashing on you indeed.

  • I’ve never actually rented from them but I’ve been tempted to! Maybe now I’ll try…I had no idea that the dress you were wearing was from them, it was fabulous!

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  • It sure is an interesting concept and you looked beautiful!

  • I’ve never tried Rent the Runway but I did just get two dresses from the sample sale, including a Robert Rodriguez cocktail dress for $50!

  • You totally picked the right dress! I’ve been meaning to research info on the Founders of RTR, many moons ago there was a company doing this in Puerto Rico, they did great business out there, I wonder if RTR is affiliated in some way?

    Linked up! And thanks for the Wordless Wednesday and again thanks for the FashForward Conference Invite, I greatly enjoyed it, the speakers were super inspiring, and Jill really nailed it!

  • I Silveira

    Almost two weeks ago I rented a gown from RTR for the Inaugural Ball. Yesterday, Jocelyn contacted me saying that my dress was not available anymore. It made me really disappointed! Megan then told me that I could choose any other dress and they would send me it on time. Of course, the options they had left where not good. So they send me two dresses that I just got today, and both dresses did not fit me well. I called RTR many times, and I also sent them and e-mail. I never received any call or message back. That how this website works. They really do not care about you! The Ball is on Monday, and tomorrow I am going to have to run to the stores to try to find a dress, or I am going to miss the ball. And no one from the RTR cares.