Cooking with Rose Romano’s Italian Toppings

Cooking with Rose Romano's Italian Toppings

Quick and easy dinners (as well as those that I know no one will fuss about) usually involve some sort of pasta dish. Having made pasta for years, I am always trying to mix up the sauces I use to add some variety to our much-needed dinner routine. This week, I had the chance to cook with a bold and flavorful new sauce from gourmet food company — Rose Romano’s Italian Toppings.

Cooking with Rose Romano’s Italian Toppings

Available on with a goal to get into high-end grocery stores, I found inspiration on the Rose Romano website where there were over 30 recipes featuring dishes using the Rose Romano red and green peppers that could be coupled with pasta, chicken or pork. I opted for the Penne Magone Recipe (see recipe below) that turned out to be an easy and much-needed mix up to our dinner rountine.

As a low calorie, gluten-free, locally-sourced gourmet topping, the brand was created by Dr. Marshall Angotti, a dentist and son of Rose Romano Angotti who wanted to create a gourmet topping with Italian Peppers like the one he remembered from his youth.

In addition to the peppers, he wanted a product that could complement and enhance food, and not overpower it so that they will become a traditional part of dinner. After using them with the penne, I really enjoyed the bold and flavorful toppings as well as how they were flavored – making it easier and quicker to prepare meals for my family.

Penne Magone Recipe

Cook one pound of penne pasta (al dente). In large preheated pan, combine 3 TBS olive oil, 2 TBS butter, two garlic cloves and one shallot (both minced), 1 tsp each salt and dry basil. Sauté on medium low 2-3 minutes, stirring. Add 1.5 lbs of large shrimp (peeled) to same pan. Cook shrimp until pink and firm. Strain pasta, add to pan with shrimp mixture and stir gently. Heat for one minute, stirring. Place portions on dishes, sprinkle with 1 tsp Romano cheese, and top with 3 TBS of heated RR Italian Peppers.

Doesn’t that sound yummy!

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  • HI,
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  • Thanks for hosting and for having a contest! If I won the peppers I would make a fabulous chicken dish we call Chicken and Sausage. Basically breaded chicken pieces, sausage and roasted peppers.

  • Love this contest! I’ve never used peppers in ANY dish so the possibilities are endless for me! I also linked up some yummy recipes for Stuffed Zucchini Flowers and Chicken Tzatziki. Hope you like!

  • I’d love to try their Pork Chops Pellaro Recipe. I am a huge fan of peppers and can think of so many ways to use this product in my cooking.

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  • Rose Romano’s peppers sound wonderful. My family loves pasta and I can think of dozens of dishes they would be perfect in. This week I have shared a Vegetarian Appetizer Selection, perfect for entertaining. Thank you for hosting!

  • I would make some fabulous pasta with it.

  • The first thing I would make is a Meatball Sub – a family favorite.

  • Yum, Italian. Thanks for hosting!

  • Sharing BBQ Chicken Pizza today, a family favorite. Rose Romano peppers would be great for so many things, but right now pizza topping and lasagna comes to mind.

  • Pat

    Your shrimp, pasta and red pepper sauce dish sounds delicious!

    Rose Romano Peppers sound wonderful! I’d love to add them to a hearty minestrone, or create a chicken, artichoke and red pepper casserole with them

    I tweeted:

    I also am following your twitter
    ” ” Rose Romano’s twitter

    I am following MomTrends on facebook!
    I am now folowing Rose Romano’s on facebook!


  • After checking out the recipe site, I think I’d go with
    Panini Calabria
    Chicken Diamante
    Funghi Malvito
    Farfalle Jonadi
    Oh so many to choose from….

  • I follow you on FB.

  • I follow you and Rose on Twitter.

  • Thanks for hosting! I posted a recipe for a GAPS and Paleo Lemon Souffle Cake. It has a secret ingredient!

  • Carole

    I think the peppers would be a natural for chicken cacciatore. I also found a recipe on the Rosa Romanos site for chicken diamante that sounds good, too.

  • Carole

    I already follow/like Momtrends on FB & just liked the Rose Romano page.

  • Carole
  • Hi Serena, Thanks for hosting! This is my very first time joining Food Friday! Thanks for the easy pasta meal idea!
    I also have a menu/recipe linky called ON THE MENU MONDAY. Linky goes live at 8:00 Sunday evening. I hope you will link up too!

    • Thanks Yvonne! Sounds wonderful. I’ll link up there on Sunday! Happy to have you here.

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  • Dana M

    I would make bruschetta. Mix with tomatoes and basil….it would be delicious!

  • Dana M

    I follow MomTrends and Rose Ramano on Twitter.

  • Dana M
  • I would make sauce for chicken parm!

  • I like both on Facebook.

  • I follow both @mommastacia. Thanks!

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  • Shannon Russ

    I would make chicken parm, lasagna and bruschetta for my family. My husband is Italian so he would be delighted to get a delicious Italian dinner made with Rose Romano’s Italian Toppings! I am following you on Pinterest as well as Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  • Looks lovely!!! This sounds perfect for making quick, post-soccer practice dinners extra special! I would put a bit of the sauce over grilled chicken. Or maybe kick up chicken parm!

  • I follow you both on facebook

  • and i follow you both on twitter!

  • Thanks so much, Serena! SO glad you liked them

  • sandra

    maybe lasagna

  • I’d like to try the Chicken Diamante Recipe.

  • amy marantino


  • amy marantino


  • amy marantino
  • Jess McCarthy

    I would make a cream vodka sauce, but with the peppers as a base instead of tomatos.

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