Go Green for Mother’s Day

Going green is no longer a trend, but a way of living as many moms are trying to live better for their children. With wanting to live better comes green guilt (is there anything that moms don’t feel guilty about) where people feel they could and should be doing more to help the environment.

In fact, a new survey from Call2Recycle, the nation’??s most comprehensive rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling solution, reveals that ‘??green guilt’? is up sharply; more than double the percentage it was in 2009, coinciding with the significant increase in E-Waste (used cell phones, old TVs, old laptops).

An easy way to go green is to use the branded Call2Recycle collection boxes at participating retailers where you can easily drop off your used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones. Environmentally-friendly and guilt-free – now that will make for one happy Mother’s Day.

For more information, please visit: www.call2recycle.org 

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