Camper Shoes: Eco-Conscious and Mucho Fabulous

Camper Shoes have been around since the 80’s. I remember passing the Camper store in New York City and pausing in front of the window to stare. I gaped a rows and rows of shoes that looked very different from the shoes I was wearing. These shoes were cool. Avant-garde. Definitely not from around these parts. (And I was right. Camper originated in Spain.)

Today, Camper shoes are well known, sought after and very sophisticated. They use the very best, natural and water resistant leather to create comfortable, lightweight shoes that feel good on the feet. Their technology respects the environment just as much as it respects the foot!

The above whimsical TWS shoes provides flexibility with a rubber sole. Made from almost all chrome-free leather.

These handsome sandals BICHO sandals are made from full grain leather and the sole is made of rubber and recycled rice husk.

These TWS sandals are for the ultimate nature girl who still loves to look pretty. (These babies belong on my feet!) Made from full grain leather and the sole is made of rubber and recycled rice husk.

See Camper’s entire collection for kids and babies and find out more about this fascinating company.

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