Spring Trend: Neon

Spring Trend: NeonI’ve started unveiling my spring wardrobe and boy is it colorful. Last week I hosted two TV fashion shows highlighting trends for kids. I couldn’t very well be seen in black talking about Easter and spring break, so I busted out the brights. I know a lot of you are scared of bright colors, but you don’t have to be. In fact, it can be a lot of fun.

How to Wear the Spring Trend: Neon

The look started with some J.Crew inspiration. The bright dress is part of the spring collection, as are the striped heels. I think anchoring this look with navy makes it a lot easier to wear. TIP: Add a little denim to your neon to make it look a little less like the 80’s revisited.

Spring Trend: Neon

I added the ruffly denim jacket from Brooklyn Industries and the neon bangles from Lia Sophia. The dress is so bright, I thought the navy softened the look a bit, and the bracelets, well, they are so fab I couldn’t resist adding this trio for a bit of pizzazz. Every woman needs a great denim jacket in her closet. Don’t go for anything oversized. Keep it trip and pretty so it can work with dresses.

Spring Trend: Neon

These accessories are really bright, but if you want to keep it more classic, opt for simple silver and gold jewelry.

What do you think about this trend? Would you wear it or run the other direction because it’s too bright. Let me know if a comment.

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