Fashion Find: Best Leggings for Support


Best Leggings for Support

Who doesn’t love leggings! When you find a pair that is fashionable and fabulous, it’s a civic duty to spread the word to other women. This week, we’re featuring a brand called Hold Your Haunches for our Monday Fashion Shoot. On a blustery day, we headed to a Brooklyn park to show off this brand and our style and winner of Best Leggings for Support.

These pants are a secret weapon against saggy bottoms and cellulite. These leggings are breathable and circulation boosting–making them ideal for travel. But the best feature is the way they hold you in shape. Ideal for a busy mom!

Expecting mom alert. HYH leggings have an adjustable waist band that can go over or under a belly. But these are equal opportunity leggings. You don’t have to be a mom to appreciate the supportive fit.

Best Leggings for Support

Why do they work? Built-in compression. The leggings are two-layers–a fitted under-layer that sucks it all in and the sleek over layer that looks just like a chic legging. The “powered shapewear” underneath requires a bit of finessing to out on. Like Spanx, you need to give yourself enough room to pull them up. If they feel like they are riding low, start over. Trust me, it is worth the effort. The outer fabric is luxe and won’t come off as cheap or shiny (hate that).

Note this is not my butt, but a sample study.


Here’s what the founders, Erin and Jenny have to say, “Fashion choices will become limitless and you’ll no longer dread the over the shoulder ass glance. No matter your age, no matter your stage, we’ll make your hiney all the rage!” In my own testing, I saw vast improvement from the side. I’m not usually one to wear leggings without a tunic, but these gave me the confidence to flaunt it!

We paired them with our favorite Coach booties and a wrap sweater from a Boutique in Paris. The outfit is urban chic–suitable for a day with the girls shopping, travel or even a business get together. The HYH leggings come in three styles. We are testing the Straight Leg ($120).

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  • Samantha

    I’m a huge fan of this site, and as a new mommy with zillions of tunics and boots I just desperately need pants that can gvee the confidence to step put of the house without dread and insecurities!

  • What about sizing? How do they “run” in your opinion? And do they come in petite sizes too?

    • I will update this post with sizing. Great question!

  • I’m a huge leggings fan! Must try these.

    • They are a great wardrobe investment.

  • that before and after is pretty miraculous…I am always searching for a great legging…I have a few from Victoria Secret and they are comfortable BUT they definitely do not hold me in…might have to try these…thanks for sharing.

    • You are so welcome, we always try to share our fashion finds.

  • Wow, these look majorly impressive! Funny bc I’m wearing leggings in my post today and it’s only becuase I found a good pair. My husband thought I was wearing actual pants. Nice!

    • I’ll check them out. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Those leggings look amazing! I definitely will consider them when buying leggings in the future.

  • thanks Alicia, we think they are great.

  • A good pair of leggings is SO important. Nobody wants a saggy butt in these things — They show it all!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    • Thanks Bonnie, can’t wait to see your post.

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  • These look AMAZING!!!!!

    • Thanks Jo-Lynne. We need all the support we can get right?

  • “note: this is not my butt”


    those look fabulous! one can never have too many leggings!

    • Seriously, no butt closeups in leggings for me–a girl has to have some dignity. Glad you got a giggle.

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  • Nicole, thank you for doing your fashionable ‘civic duty’, and sharing such a wonderful new product! great post…and by the way you look gorgeous! Have a wonderful week!

    • It’s a big job, but someone has to do it! Thanks for the compliment Tamera!

  • Greetings Ladies,

    It’s Erin and Jenny from Hold Your Haunches. Thanks for all your awesome feedback on Nicole’s wonderful post! The sizes are as follows: xs-0/2 s-4/6 m-8/10 l-12/14 and xl 14/16. If you are on the cusp-order down…too large shape wear will not work! You will also be amazed at our muffin top be-gone. Toodles!

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  • I love those leggings on you! I just got some new ones from Spanx and LOVE them! xoxo

  • Love that sample before and after – looks like a miracle worker, especially for my pregnant bum. Love the look of your boots paired with the leggings, too!

    • Your bum will be back in shape in no time!

  • Wow! I am dying to try them now!!

  • These leggings look pretty amazing, must keep them in mind! And yaaaay Brooklyn Bridge Park! I know exactly where you are!

    • I have the best neighborhood for photo shoots!

  • WOW! I cannot believe the power of these leggings! It’s like exterior spanx!

  • okay, those leggings are amazing! seriously awesome looking. i’m laughing that you said “this is not my butt…”

    • well you know don’t want to show too much on the blog

  • Hi Nicole – thanks so much for posting about the leggings, they look amazing! What a great idea!!!

    Hope it’s okay that I’ve linked up to two outfits of mine, I really liked both…!

    Catherine x

  • The before AND after looks pretty fabulous…Just sayin’! : )

  • Happy Monday!

    I’m sooooo going to have to pick up a pair of these leggings!

    • I expect a full report after you buy them.

  • Wowow! You look amazing. Anything that sucks you in is awesome!!!

    • Love supporting friends & clothing.

  • I need these!! I’m always on the lookout for leggings that feel supportive. I hate feeling all jiggly 😉

    • Oh no jiggling in these.

  • Ooooh, I’m definitely going to have to try these. I’m a huge leggings fan but usually do not have the guts to rock them without something long on top. I’d be interested to see if these change that!

    • I normally wear leggings plus a tunic-length shirt. But this pair would allow me the freedom to try anything on top.

  • Oh, wowsa!! I really need those leggings! My booty needs all the help it can get. =)

    You look so good in them, Nicole!

    • Thanks Tiffany and I loved your rocking slim cargoes.

  • Hi Nicole! I’m a new follower and I also have a blog about mamá fashion and beauty so I am excited to join in. I love my leggings and this week it is part of my “Comfy Mamá Chic” look (that’s what I like to call my style) but I could do with a pair that give me a boost 🙂

    • yay! so happy to have you.

  • I would love to try leggings. I’m terrified though. I’m short and dumpy. LOL Not sure how to style them either. Plus I’m over 40. Shhhh don’t tell! I’d love the comfy-ness of them though!

    • I’m over 40 too and love them!

  • Style of a mrs.

    I would love a pair of those..they sound awesome!
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

    • Thanks so much for coming by.

  • Awesome site! Thanks for letting me share my blog!

    • So happy to have you! We love meeting like-minded fashionistas!

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