Avon Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Treatments


Have you been bad to your hair? Flat irons, color treatments, hot blow dryers? If you are guilty (and I am too!) we have a treat for you. Avon has a new treatment called Avon Advance Techniques 3D Rescue Treatments.

Did you know: Over the course of a year the average woman will devote 240 hours to her hair. Most of this time is spent damaging our tresses (blow drying, color, flat irons, etc.). Avon developed this products to repair damage. In their studies they showed 91% of split ends repaired in one use.

I am guilty of mistreating my hair. I color it, throw it in ponytails and submit it to weekly blowouts. So I jumped at the chance to give my tresses a treat.



After using the products three times in a row, Avon says you can turn back the clock three years on your hair damage. I’ve been testing the “reparative benefits” of the shampoo, conditioner and treatment for the past week. The result? I did notice a difference. Now I am not a hard-core case, but I was impressed with the smooth ends and the overall healthy look at the end of the experiment.


I kicked off the trial run with a complimentary blowout at the Cutler Salon. Anthony Barrow gave me expert advice on how to use the products and how to consistently have the best hair days. Anthony is one of Avon’??s Global Hair Stylist, and he had the job of whipping my hair into shape. They were only there for the first wash–the other two were up to me. And even in non-salon conditions, the products worked great.


  • Apply conditioner starting at the nape of your neck (same for the 3D Rescue). We often make the mistake of starting at the front near the temples–the hair is thickest in the back.
  • To really make sure the product is distributed evenly, use a wide tooth comb.
  • Squeeze the water from your hair prior to putting in conditioner–this allows for the best penetration
  • Allow hair to air dry a bit before using a hair dryer.
  • Use Advance Techniques 3DRescue  to keep your hair in the best condition

3D Rescue ($9.99) Shampoo and Conditioner (on sale now for $2.99 each) are available from your local Avon Representative or on Avon.com

Full Disclosure: I am an Avon Blog Ambassador and given a stipend to experiment and test their products. But believe me, I take my hair seriously and wouldn’t let you waste money on something that doesn’t work.

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  • I would love to be an avon blog ambassador. How do I go about doing this?

    • Janna, Avon contacted me through the blog. I would start by reaching out to them on Facebook and twitter. Good luck!