Itty Bitty Bra

Itty Bitty Bra
While the average American Woman may wear a size 38DD, there are plenty of women for whom filling a B cup is an issue. That’s where comes in.

Designed for women in the AA & A and B range, this company set out to provide women like me the best fit, comfort, and selection in smaller sizes. I’ve been feeling a lack of selection for years. I don’t want a bra made for teens thank you very much.

According to Jane Alden Hodgdon, IBB Designs president and CEO, these women need a bra that not only provides support, but also is stylish and comfortable. I want sophistication and great fit and I’m thrilled to have this resource.

This month you can feel even better about shopping at ittybitty. To honor Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness, 10% of all sales of the pink Signature Itty Bitty Bra as supplies last will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world’s leading breast cancer organization. Breast cancer information cards are included in the Itty Bitty Bra merchandise to promote awareness and encourage testing.

Additionally, Itty Bitty Bra is also supporting Bra Recycling month, a movement to collect gently used or unused bras to be donated to victims of domestic violence and other needy women worldwide. Samples of Itty Bitty Bra will be donated to women in impoverished nations. Those who participate in the program are entitled to join a weekly raffle which includes two $25 gift certificates which may be applied at the Itty Bitty Bra website. Creator and designer Jane Hodgdon says, “Itty Bitty Bra was created to foster a healthy body image, to encourage women to feel good about themselves.”

Some of our favorite finds include the “bralet” (think lacy tee+bra) and the Signature Bra (which we tested and wore with a fitted tee!) $50. Shop, support yourself and support women in need in the process.

Itty Bitty Bra

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