Visit American Girl NYC

American Girl…love it or hate it you simply have to admire the empire. We’re fans of this brand–it promotes reading and a knowledge of history. Plus, we find the fashions irresistible. For die-hard fans, a visit to NYC’s American Girl store is a must-see. Even if your daughter is too young to “get” this doll and her big concept, we bet your tot will still love all the eye candy at the store.

The enormous store is situated on 5th Avenue–where all the chic ladies shop. Plan to dine in the restaurant. Yes the prices are high, but the point is that you can dine with your doll (or get a loaner if you didn’t tote along your Rebecca, Kanani, etc.). We didn’t splurge for a hairdo, but we did admire the handiwork of the salon stylists.

Be sure to take a peek at the hospital and the shoe selection too. This store is non-stop shopertainment. Oh, and it is extremely stroller friendly.

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American Girl
609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street
New York, NY 10017
(877) 247-5223
For more information visit

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  • we have been to american girl in nyc more times than i care to admit, and i do think the cafe is such a nice experience for the kids that i don’t mind it (and i also love that they don’t serve soda)

    somtimes i find the total consumerism in the store a little much, but who am i kidding? my kids walk out of there with tons of new acquisitons too.

    • The great thing would be to take a 2 y.o. and enjoy the lunch–they won’t freak about not getting a doll or a new outfit since they are too young to get it!

      With kids 4+ impossible not to whip out the Amex.

  • I went to a bday lunch at the cafe and LOVED the experience. And I agree that if you go with older girls you’re going to pay for it! It’s like Disney