Lollacup Sippy Cup

The transition from bottle to a sippy cup is always a daunting task as a parent. Finding the perfect sippy cup that can be easily used by your child is sometimes even more difficult. When my daughter made the transition I found myself buying new sippy cup every week because she either couldn’t drink out of it or the contents inside were spilling everywhere. My quest for the perfect sippy cup is over after finding the Lollacup.

Lollacup was created by a mother who was surprised to to see her daughter drink from a straw at nine months old. When her pediatrician suggested weaning her to a straw instead of a sippy, she immediately purchased several toddler straw cups but realized that her daughter could not sip out of any of them. Finally after several attempts she decided to create her own straw cup that would allow her daughter to drink effortlessly from the straw. As a result, the Lollacup was produced.

This modern and whimsical animal-shaped cup is BPA and phthalate free and appeals to both children and adults alike. It comes in three bold colors; orange, green and red, with each color having its own unique face. The innovative design has a flexible valve-free straw with a weighted end that anchors in the liquid to help young children drink effortlessly at most angles.

Even at 20 months, my daughter still tries to tilt her straw cups when drinking. With any other cup she would get frustrated because she could never get anything out of it. This hasn’t been a problem now that she is using the Lollacup. The cup even has a built in lid that is easily tilted forward and back for storage while on the go.

Lollacup’s handles can easily be removed for placement in most cup holders. There are minimal parts and it is very easy to clean. It even comes with a straw cleaning brush for added convenience. Lollacup is made in the USA and everything from the design to the manufaturing and packaging is done in Southern California.

Make the transition to a sippy cup easy and stylish with the lollacup!

Lollacup retails for $18 and is available online and in specialty boutiques.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive the cup for review.

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  • Aw I haven’t seen this one. Cute!

  • Aura

    My son used a Zoli cup starting at 7 months. It looks exactly the same except ours molded badly and cracked and they had to send us replacements- twice. It’s amazing that my son was able to use a straw so young and never needed a bottle or sippy cup except now he thinks that he can use any straw cup upside down as well. How sturdy is the lollacup and how fast does it get moldy?

    • Lauren

      It is very durable. My daughter tends to through things on the ground A LOT! It has held up with all of it! I haven’??t had any issues of anything getting moldy either. This is a very durable and adorable cup!

  • These are adorable! I hadn’t heard of them…thanks!