A Guide to Celebrating Purim… In Style

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Sunday, March 22, is Purim – an incredibly fun holiday to celebrate with kids. For those who are not familiar with this fairly minor festival on the Jewish calendar, it is a celebration marked by gifts of food to friends, charitable donations, attendance at a raucous Megillah reading, and ends in a festive meal with friends and family. Last but not least, most Purim celebrations feature kids (and grown-ups) dressed up in costumes.

When choosing a costume really anything goes, and while there is no shortage of fantastic children’s costumes to choose from, I love most the darling duos from Gali Dolls, where the girl and her doll can get matching Queen Esther (the heroine of the Purim story) dresses – as well as crowns. If you want to learn more about Purim read Sammy Spider’s First Purim with your kids, an excellent introduction to the holiday, including its history and customs.

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There is no shortage of songs to add to the festive Purim mood, but my favorites are the catchy Haman! Boo! from The Macaroons as well as all four songs on the fabulous EP I Love Purim! from Mama Doni.

And one last thing you’ll need to celebrate Purim in style… a gragger. These noisemakers are used every time the name of the evil Haman is mentioned during the Megillah reading.

Purim gragger

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And don’t worry, your kids will tire of playing the gragger endlessly by the time Passover comes around in April. Or maybe sooner. Just convince your children to trade you their graggers in exchange for some yummy Hamantaschen.

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Disclosure: Both CDs were provided to me for review purchases. All opinions are my own.

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