Accua: A Functional and Stylish Four-In-One Bath Product

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In today’??s modern (and very busy) world we are always looking for products that are not only stylish but those that are also functional and useful! Enter accua, a seemingly cute towel that is actually a four-in-one product designed to grow with a child from birth to toddlerhood. Created by maamam, a San Francisco-based company, at first the accua looks like an adorable towel to wrap up your toddler or baby in but thanks to its contemporary design it also functions as a swaddle, bathrobe, apron, and of course, a towel.

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Dubbed as the ‘??new generation bath item,’? the towel functions as a basic baby cotton towel complete with a cute hood and slits so a baby’??s or toddler’??s hands can loosely dangle out. Made of terry cloth, the robe function is also great for a quick dry off after a bath while also being super soft on your little ones skin. I was pretty surprised that the accua could also turn into a swaddle. Without having to have special skills, the accua swaddle function closes easily with its snaps and Velcro to promote a warm and cozy rest. The apron function seems ideal for new moms. It allows both hands to be free so that parents can simply reach for their baby and easily wrap them up in the towel ‘?? without having to use one hand for baby and the other to hold a towel. (It also functions as an apron itself – should you have any time to cook!) The towel function is super cute for babies that then grows your child into a bathrobe for toddlerhood. I also love how easy it was to clean the cotton accua. Simply wash with cold water on low and use again. It can also be ironed ‘?? if you want.

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As the first product from maaman, the four-in-one accua can certainly make bathtime easier and I can’??t wait to see what other innovative and functional products they have in the works. Buy the aacua towel by Maamaam on Amazon ($38.99)

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