Meet the Momtrends team. No one woman can cover all these trends and amazing events. I rely on a team of writers to help report on all things cool and hip for moms. Take a moment and meet the talent that helps make Momtrends magical.

Sherri Schubert is our Events Editor for Momtrends. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children. Sherri’s our go-to resource for event planning and covers many fashion events. Contact her at Sherri (at) momtrends (dot) com.

Brooke Stewart is our Marketing Manager. After a near 10 year career in marketing and advertising with clients such as Jenny Craig, Lifesavers, Slim Jim (yes, the meat snacks) and Lugz shoes, Brooke paused her career to raise her first and then second son. It didn’t take long for Nicole to convince her that creating marketing programs for Momtrends was an ideal stepping stone for getting back into the business. Last year, Brooke started Power Moms Media to help bring influential moms sites, like Momtrends together with well-respected brands. Contact her at momtrends (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Cheryl Fenton our Beauty Editor is a freelance lifestyle magazine writer, with bylines in Glamour, CookingLight, Women’??s Health & Fitness and Wallpaper magazines. She’??s the founder of, which gives readers quick tips for achieving beauty, fashion, life and style all in record time.

Mandy Fisher is our Creative Director at Momtrends and MomtrendsNYC. She has her BFA in Theater from Marymount Manhattan College and along with her aspirations to be an author, is pursuing her dream of being a professional actor. Her coverage has expanded vastly as she is always on the lookout for the latest book, music, gadget, and fashion trends.

A Brooklyn-based writer and mom of two, Serena Norr is the Managing Editor of Momtrends and Momtrends NYC. She has written for numerous publications covering parenting, food, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, real estate and much more. She is also the creator of  Seriously Soupy, a blog devoted to soup making and the writer behind Mama Goes Natural, a lifestyle site covering healthy living with kids in NYC. To contact her, please email: serena (at) momtrends (dot) com

Elizabeth Horsburgh Leach loves anything that is designed well, but she especially loves it if her kids can play with it or wear it. She is a published playwright whose plays have been produced in NYC and London for the past decade and is currently working on a children’??s story. She has two sassy daughters and lives in Westchester, NY. Visit Elizabeth on her blog, blogtownmom

Kate Bayless is a freelance writer and editor with bylines in Parents, Parenting, American Baby, Babble, Mommies With Style and others. The sole source of estrogen in her house as a mom of three boys, Kate has reviewed and written about everything from strollers and sippy cups to laser hair removal and luxury hotels. Visit her at


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Nicole Feliciano is the Founder & Editor of Momtrends. Prior to launching Momtrends, she was a fashion executive at Ralph Lauren. Now her mission is bringing style to fashion-starved moms everywhere. Nicole is a lifestyle expert, spokesperson and lover of all things social media. Follow her on twitter @momtrends
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