Building a Spring Wardrobe

Let’s build a spring wardrobe with 10 easy pieces that mix and match beautifully. To start, I opted for mom-friendly denim. It’s tough, looks great and can go from playground to date night. Here are the three basic bottoms you’ll need for spring.

three spring essentials bottoms

Skirt: Ag Ali A-Line Denim Skirt in Indigo | Distressed Jeans | White Denim Short

You’ll need a few solids, but why make them boring! With these four basic tops, you can build you entire spring wardrobe. Most of them are easy to clean since they will be in heavy rotation, that’s important.

three tops in a capsule


Now for the three extras. These are the items that make the capsule more fun. Layering with this items turns a bunch of clothes into an outfit.

capsule wardrobe dressing


10 pieces 10 outfits it’s so easy!
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