Easy Back-to-School Hair-Braid Tutorials

These three braid hairstyles will definitely make it into our regular rotation.

My daughter loves to wear her hair in different hairstyles, but we frequently don't have a lot of time in the mornings. I need easy. I need quick. This year, we've been playing around with a few new braid hairstyles (Momtrends tip: braids are great for moms too!). My daughter likes changing it up, and I like that these braid hairstyles keep her hair out of her face throughout the day. Sometimes you just need to try something different than a headband or ponytail. These three braid hairstyles will definitely make it into our regular rotation.

Boxer Braids

We refer to this first hairstyle as "boxer braids" because it resembles a look you might see a female boxer rocking. These double braids definitely stay put the best throughout my daughter's long day. We like to style her hair like this on days when she has physical education at school or gymnastics. These boxer braids can withstand flips, running, and extra movement, in general. They're perfect for active kids.

Start by parting the hair straight down the middle and use a clip or twistie to secure one side out of the way while you braid the other side. This braid is basically an inside out french braid. Instead of crossing your pieces over the top, you cross them under, adding in hair from each side as you go along. When you get to the base of the head, and all the hair has been added in, stop and use a hair tie to secure it.

Hippie Braids

The second hairstyle that we like to do on busy school mornings is what we call "Hippie Braids." Start with a side part. Beginning just at her ear, we pull a section forward and leave it for later. Right where we've sectioned off that front piece, we create a long braid hanging down by her ear. We do this on both sides. Then we twist back the front hair and secure in the back with a small hair tie. Sometimes we add in a few more braids for fun if we have extra time.

Twisted Rope Braid

This last braid hairstyle might be my daughters new favorite. She calls it "Rapunzel hair." It looks difficult, but it's really not! I can create this hairstyle in under 3 minutes. You can watch how we created this in our hair tutorial video. If princess hair is your thing, be sure to see this Elsa braid video.

Start with a side part and section off a small section at the top. Separate the section into 2 even sections. Criss-cross the front section over the back section. Add in hair to the front section and criss-cross over to the back again. Continue doing this all the way down the head eventually adding all the hair by the time you reach the shoulder. Then twist your two sections clockwise, and wrap them around each other counterclockwise. Secure at the bottom with a hair tie. You can add a spritz of hairspray for extra hold throughout the day.

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