Cute Graphic Onesies for Baby

When my husband dresses the baby, it’s typically a comedy of sartorial errors… Weather-inappropriate top, way-too-small pants (like, where did you find those?!), and mismatching socks. It’s a hodge-podge of whatever clean items he can actually manage to pull together. It’s almost like he pulls out everything from the back of the closet, tosses his hidden loot into a bag to mix them up, and blindly reaches in… I call it grab-bag chic.

So when I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home from an early morning appointment, a couple of weeks ago, and he proudly proclaimed that the kids were already dressed and ready to start the day, I cringed on the inside… What was I coming home to?!

Alas, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this little tomboy of a lady was, well, in pretty much the sweetest styles ever. “I couldn’t find any clean clothes for her, so I grabbed this outfit out of storage.” Yes, my husband neglected to see the beautifully pressed piles of girlie garb in her changing table drawers, and went straight the basement to pull out my son’s old baby stuff… unintentionally resulting in, what I think, just might be the cutest outfit ever.

Needless to say, she was happy as can be in her super cozy outfit. I think she was relieved to get a day off from the frilly frocks and glitter-embellished, well, everything I usually doll her up in!

Ketchup on her messy mouth, hat covering her knotty hair, and light-up sneakers to brighten an otherwise cloudy day. That is the essence of this happy soul. I really do think this outfit and her carefree smile capture her personality perfectly… I’ve got to turn to  Daddy’s styling skills more often! (And doesn’t she just look like she’s modeling for a fashion-blog photo-shoot right here?!)`

I’m a huge fan of slightly ironic graphic tees for Mama–so, naturally, I’m all about expressive onesies for Baby too! Tell us how you really feel, little one… Indeed, this rough-and-tough girl of mine would prefer to go through life sans pants–so this ensemble gave me a hearty laugh. And that panama hat (also her brothers!) is just the finishing touch her hipster outfit needed.

We’re almost out of the onesie phase, and I’m super sad about it. I love the convenience of a baby bodysuit, and I’m going to squeeze her into them as long as I possibly can… and Imma dig through the archives to pull out a few more gems like this one!

I’ve rounded up a few favorite graphic onesies, below… Because, Baby life is better in a cute and comfy onesie… and #thesnuggleisreal.

From top left to bottom right: The Snuggle Is Real, $5/ No Pants, No Problem, $5 / Free Hugs, $5 / Vacay Every Day, $7 / Play Hard, Nap Hard, $7 / No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem, $7 / Small Fry, $8 / Hug Life, $16 / Tater Tot, $`8 / Little But Fierce, $5 / Morning Person, $5 / Boss Lady, $5

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Perfect Work Pants

banana republic perfect pants

Working moms, I know it’s not easy to pull your look together. When I can find a style resource to share, I try to share. That’s why I teamed up with Banana Republic–they have perfect work pants and I want you to look great.

Done and done.

mom boss book signing

I got to help the fabulous Banana Republic at the Westfield Mall in Brookfield Place host a pant-fitting event. I brought the books–Mom Boss–Banana supplied the fashion.

I had so much fun at the store talking about clothes that make you feel confident and fabulous and about shooting for the stars with your career. Talking to other entrepreneurs and helping them set goals feels fantastic. And one thing I know, when you look good you feel more confident.

Mom Boss, my business book just for moms, is all about creating a life to love. A life full of purpose and passion. In the book, I give moms a step-by-step method toward success. It’s a toolkit for creating a life to love–a life where there is time for a deep connection to family.

Banana does the same thing. They give women clothes to love. This season, the pants are noteworthy–they have great fit options for women who love style. I picked the Avery. It’s a cropped pant for spring with a trouser fit. There are a ton or fabrics and prints in this cut. But if you don’t think this fit will flatter, don’t sweat it, there are other options. Check out what I found at Banana Republic:


I tried the pants with both flats and heels and it works with both. My Tieks ballet slipper is perfect as were these nude pumps from Stuart Weitzman.

As for the top, skip the accessories and try and embellished blouse. This top from Banana Republic is sewn with gemstones along the neckline so you’ll have all the sparkle you need.

Shop the Look

p.s. Have you signed up for LiketoKnow.It yet?  I’m using it more and more to tag my instagram photos so friends can shop from my picks. It’s an easy way to get my favorites delivered to your inbox. You like the photos on instagram, and you get an email with the shopable links of what you liked. Pretty easy. Get all the details here.

Perfect pants for work. Check out the latest options from Banana Republic

How is your work wardrobe looking this spring? Let me know if I can help!

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How to Style a Long Cardigan

how to style a cardigan

I simply love cardigans. Here’s a little fashion secret. It’s like wearing your bathrobe, but getting style points. A great cardigan adds drama, it adds length and it can hide a multitude of sins. The trick is not to LOOK like you are wearing your favorite robe from home, so I’ve rounded up some style tips to share with you on  hot to style a long cardigan

I’m wearing the Victory Sweater from cabi. It’s a little nautical and a little boho at the same time. Navy and white are incredibly easy to wear.  Now, let’s talk about how to style it.

How to Style a Long Cardigan

Four Tips for Styling a Long Cardigan

1. Opt for a fabric that flows, you want a cardi that moves with you and doesn’t add bulk or cling to your hips and backside. Look for something that achieves a skimming quality.
2. Keep the pieces underneath simple and fitted. A fitted tea works nicely (and ladies if you’ve got dêcolletage y all means show it off under the sweater with a v-neck)
3. Make a statement with your shoes. You can wear a heeled bootie, a pump or some snazzy sneakers. Be playful and yes, it’s great to be a little sexy too.
4. Keep the long theme going. I wore a long necklace that played off the boho vibe and continued with the long, lean theme.

My shoes have been featured before, they are the popular Sunset Strip Sneaker  from Seavees. These nappa leather sneakers are in heavy rotation around here. When the snow gives me a break and things warm up, I love these.

I am also wearing old Ralph Lauren jeans, an old vintage belt (and necklace that’s quite old) and a super soft and versatile tank. The navy Easy Tank is also from cabi. Wear it untucked or just tucked in the front to continue the unfussy look.

Style Long Cardigan

Cabi Spring 2017

These are just two pieces from the latest cabi collection. You can see the full runway show  and get lots of ideas for spring in the video, here:

Head here to find out more about cabi and to find a local stylist. Cabi is a brand that brings the stylists to you. Your stylist will not only outfit you, she’ll show you how to reinvent your look. Once you go cabi, you’ll never go back to the mall.

How to Style a Long Cardigan--Tips for Looking great for mom life or any casual setting

Hope you like my tips and come on back next Monday for more fashion fun. Until then, please leave a comment about what other trends you want me to take on.

This is not a sponsored post. I was given samples from cabi.

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Styling a Bomber Jacket

Styling a Bomber Jacket

A great jacket can take you far during the transition season. I picked this shiny silver one up last fall when I was on Mom Boss Book tour in Denver. I spotted it in Francesca’s and loved it–very disco chic. This week, I decided to talk about styling a bomber jacket

Well, Francesca’s sold out of this one long ago, but they do have other well-priced options in the bomber style. If your heart is set on silver, I found a few places to refer you. ASOS has this one and there’s one more I found at Macy’s that looks really similar to the one I’m styling here.

When it comes to trends, this one probably won’t be around for too many years. I bought this jacket for less than $50–and I highly recommend you stick in the same price range. Once you see the trend dying out, you can pass it along to a thrift store and someone will nab it for a 50’s costume!

Styling a Bomber Jacket

For now, styling it is pretty easy. I see lots of women pairing a bomber with jeans and athletic shoes. That works for sure. For something a bit more sophisticated try this:

  • Opt for a slight heel. A bootie will do nicely. I’m loving the new Leila Bootie from TOMS.
  • Since the jacket is baggy, keep it slim on the bottom.
  • When you are first experimenting with this, try a monochromatic palette underneath.
  • Keep the accessories up by the ears or on your wrist. I’m wearing a pair from cabi.
  • Skip the scarf. I tried one but it looked too fussy.

I opted to wear all black under the jacket. Let’s be honest, the jacket brings a whole lot of fashion to the outfit. I didn’t have to try to hard with everything else. On the bottom, I wanted a nice sleek line. I’m wearing the cabi clothing Pencil Trouser. It sits high on the waist and has a side zip. It’s almost tight enough to be a legging, but has the structure of a pant. It’s great for travel. A sleek and skinny high-rise fit with comfortable stretch fabric that fits like a dream, the Pencil Trouser has a wide elastic panel at the waist for a streamlined silhouette

Styling a Bomber Jacket

Under the jacket, I’m wearing the cabi clothing Indulgence Top. It’s a 3/4 sleeve black top with “floaty layers”–it’s just body-conscious enough to work under the jacket. That’s about it. Two black staples underneath and I let the bomber jacket take the spotlight.

cabi earrings

Cabi Spring 2017

These are just two pieces from the latest cabi collection. You can see the full runway show  and get lots of ideas for spring in the video, here: You can see more pieces styled for spring here.

Head here to find out more about cabi and to find a local stylist. Cabi is a brand that brings the stylists to you. Your stylist will not only outfit you, she’ll show you how to reinvent your look. Once you go cabi, you’ll never go back to the mall.

Styling a Bomber Jacket: Styling tips for fun fashion

What do you think? Is this a trend you’ll try? Let me know if you do and where you find a bomber that you love.

This is not a sponsored post. I was given samples from cabi.

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Chic Knits

Styling spring knits to look fabulous at work or play

The weather warmed up last week and I got to take these chic knits our for a spin in Battery Park City in New York. I’d been eyeing these new pieces from the cabi spring collection–they looked so good on the runway, and I’m thrilled to say they feel even better on.

I was traveling in the city for a little “staycation” at the Conrad Hotel with my daughter. We wanted to dress up and I wanted to be chic and comfortable, hence the knits. I think knits are perfect for work or play–and I was going to do a bit of both.

Chic Knits

Chic Knits

First let’s talk about this Dame Skirt. It’s a knee-skimming length with a bit of swirl. It could go to an office or out to dinner without missing a beat. I am glad to see waistlines on the move back upwards. This skirt will sit on your actual waist.

You could wear it with flats or go dressier, as I did, with a pump. I picked out these metallic pumps from Nine West. Fancy for sure.

I paired it with a navy top (I will say the colors are 95% of a match but not 100–but it doesn’t matter). I just love this top. It’s so easy to slip on–it feels like a favorite t-shirt (and, in fact, can be worn under a blazer too!) but has structure enough to look super professional.

It’s called the Hampton Shell and the stripes are perfectly places to accentuate your positives.

Spring Knit Fashion Tips

  1. Monochromatic knits will elongate your body.
  2. Go with a bold accessory. This lucite necklace helps modernize the outfit.
  3. Metallics are in. Jazz up this outfit for date night with a shiny shoe.
  4. Watch the jewelry. Knits can snag so be careful with clasps!
  5. Keep things smooth. My favorite panties are from Soma. You can also go for spanx.

Cabi Spring 2017

These are just two pieces from the latest cabi collection. You can see the full runway show  and get lots of ideas for spring in the video, here:

Head here to find out more about cabi and to find a local stylist. Cabi is a brand that brings the stylists to you. Your stylist will not only outfit you, she’ll show you how to reinvent your look. Once you go cabi, you’ll never go back to the mall.

Fashion your life: spring knit styling tips

This is not a sponsored post. I was given samples from cabi.

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Ancolie New York

what to wear in nyc

It’s the fourth installment of what we love to eat in NYC. Today I’m wearing ALL things I’ve owned and adored, and heading to a favorite lunch spot. Ancolie was introduced to me by a friend. Isn’t that the way we find the gems? We listen to our friends. Well, that’s my job, sharing with my friends. When you are hungry and want to do your body a favor, head to Ancolie in New York.

Ancolie New York

The idea is to offer great food that is ready to go. Start with a fantastic layered salad, then get a perfect coffee and don’t forget a sweet treat. Chloe (shown above), is the mastermind behind the brand. Thank you, Chloe, for giving us better lunch options.

Before we jump to the eats, let’s talk about what I’m wearing. Everything is OLD! Don’t worry, I’ll start talking about spring clothing soon enough. For now I am wearing what I own. I’m embracing winter, and the season I’m in right now.

Most blogs are telling you to think about spring. But friends, it’s 30 degrees in NYC and we are still in sweaters and boots. And you still have to get dressed every day and you have to feel good. And you don’t have to spend any money.

I’m wearing cabi jeans, a vintage Ralph Lauren bomber jacket, a Talbots scarf and some great boots by Robert Clergierie. If you live in a cold climate, I know what you are feeling right now. I see all the pretty spring clothes I cannot wear until late April and I want them. And I want to feel better about my closet.

Ladies, clothes can’t change the weather. It took me decades to figure this out. We have to embrace the now. I do it with owning things I adore. This bomber jacket has been worn HUNDREDS of times. These boots have had to be resoled. The jeans barely can get washed, they are in such heavy rotation.

My fashion advice for the beginning of March: dig into your closet and have fun.

  • Wear some leather now–soon it will be too hot to wear it.
  • Pull out your scarves and figure out new ways to tie them.
  • A pair of boots with heels will always make you feel sassier and more fabulous.

Now back to the food. The presentation, looks so pretty, it’s alive with the colors of REAL FOOD. The containers are meant to show off the fresh ingredients. I tried the Ancolie Jar with walnuts, lentils and goat cheese. Delish! After one of these salads you’ll feel satisfied, not bloated. It’s a great midday spot.

I found everything I tasted to be super fresh and scrumptious. I hope they open a Brooklyn outpost soon, for now, I’ll keep heading into the Greenwich Village to pick up the perfect lunch. If you have a few minutes, order a tea or coffee to enjoy in store. Set up by the window and watch the world go by.

This part of New York is full of students, artists and tourists. You’ve literally got a window to the world. Why not slow down and enjoy the views.

healthy eats in nyc, visit Ancolie New York
Ancolie is located in the heart of Greenwich Village. Stop in for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Please tell them Momtrends sent you.

Ancolie New York

58 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011
(646) 524-5929

Other NYC ideas for foodie fun for Two Hands Soho and Stylish Tea Time in Soho and Murray’s Cheese.

Photos by Laura Cardona, check her out on instagram here @cardonastudioo

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Travel Inspired Style

I’m experiencing some major travel envy right now. It’s February break and it seems that everyone is on vacation… Everyone but me, of course. Facebook and Instagram are  chock-full of amazing family getaway pics—bronzed moms lounging on the beach with sleeping babies, fearless toddlers belly-flopping into palatial pools, and happy dads sharing rapidly melting mid-day ice-cream cones with their giggling littles…  Meanwhile, here I am typing away on my couch, huddled under a blanket and sipping tea. Wah. (Can you say “first-world problems?”)

Okay, okay. My winsome whining is obnoxious and unnecessary; I just can’t help but feel a pull to hop on a plane and escape the February blahs. I’ve got a major itch and a serious case of wanderlust. I’m thinking tropical thoughts… And those phenomenal 61-degree days we’ve had in New York lately are a total tease.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I think Nicole’s passion for ski travel is incredible. (She makes cold weather look good!) And I have immense admiration for her commitment to get families out on the slopes… But, um, right now I’m, personally, craving the beach. Palm trees. Beaming rays. Balmy breezes—sand and surf and sunshine. I want to trade out my thick boots for flip flops and my heavy sweaters for gauzy tops and tunics.

Yes, I’ve been on the hunt for some vacationy looks for an upcoming Florida trip (yay!), and I think I hit the jackpot. Nautical stripes, billowy peasant-inspired skirts and maxi dresses, pretty palm prints, and tropical hues are inspiring my style, fueling my fervor, and fanning my wanderlust.

  1. Old Navy Bon Voyage Sweatshirt, $25 / 2. Forever 21 Palm Print Maxi Dress, $25 / 3. J. Crew Florida Destination Art T-Shirt, $40 / 4. Old Navy Cold Shoulder Dress, $38 / 5. J. Crew California Destination Art T-Shirt, $40 / 6. Tory Burch Skirt, $350 / 7. Vineyard Vine Painted Stripe Dress, $168 / 8. Lily Pulitzer Pants, $138 / 9. You, Me, & The Sea Shirt, $17

I’ve rounded up a few fabulous pieces I’m loving. Planning a spring-break trip or just day-dreaming of a warm weather getaway? You’re going to want to pack in yoru real or make-believe suitcase…

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Visit to Murray’s Cheese

Visit to Murray's Cheese

This month I’ve been visiting my favorite foodie spots in NYC. And since I’m a cheese-lover, I couldn’t skip a visit to Murray’s Cheese. Since it’s NYC, it’s only fitting that we combine food and fashion. I’m wearing a NYC designer, Colovos, and visiting an iconic spot. It’s combining all the things I love.

Visit to Murray's Cheese

Let’s start with the cheese. For me, Murray’s is right off the W4th subways stop. Greenwich Village is pretty close to Brooklyn, so easy—especially when you love cheese. Murray’s was founded in 1940 by Murray Greenberg. The shop has changed hands a few times over the years, now it’s owned by Rob Kaufelt. The street is super charming and home to some great Italian food (like the spot co-Founded by Mario Batali, Pó).

When you visit Murray’s come hungry. You can grab a melted cheese sandwich to start your visit. After you’ve taken the edge off, the real fun begins. Head over to the counter. The cheese experts will guide you. I like sheep and goat cheese and let the masters give me some samples. I bet you’ll discover something new every time you visit.

Visit to Murray's Cheese

Since this is also the month of wearing what I already own, I want to share some friends of mine. The Founders of the Colovos brand are parents at our daughters’ school, and the couple started this label all about tailoring and clean lines.

I bought this leather piece this winter at a sample sale the couple offered. The craftmanship is just gorgeous and it’s as comfy as a sweatshirt, yet looks super chic.I paired it with my favorite cabi jeans and some booties. The great thing about the pieces from Colovos is that you want to reach for them again and again.

You can check out the full Colovos spring collection here. This is one of the more expensive pieces in my closet, but it’s exquisite and I feel fabulous when I wear it. That’s when you know it’s worth the splurge. I believe in getting fewer pieces that work well for me and my body type.

As I get older, I’m less likely to chase trends. I’m into chasing style. So glad you are here to enjoy the ride with me.

Fashion, cheese… it doesn’t get much better than that.  This month has been incredibly fun for me to share. I hope you are enjoying the tour of all the places I pick to visit in NYC. Please let me know if you stop in to any of them.

Plan your visit to Murray’s Cheese
NEW YORK, NY 10014

Get the scoop on Murray’s

Other NYC ideas for foodie fun for Two Hands Soho and Stylish Tea Time in Soho

Photos by Marcus Stukes follow him on Instagram @Silverscreen_productions

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Stylish Tea Time in New York

Stylish Tea Time in New York

February’s fashion features are all about things I love. I’m combining fashion and food and my city. Today I’m talking about having a stylish tea time in New York. If you didn’t know it already, I am a huge tea lover. I sip tea all day long. I have a few favorite brands, but I’m always on the hunt for new flavors and new spots to discover.

This month I’m inviting you along to the Harney Tea Salon in Soho. For the outing, I’m wearing a few things I love. Remember the theme of the year is wearing what you love? I shopped my closet for most of this outfit and am sharing one new top from J.Crew.

perfect outfit for nycI tossed on my favorite frayed jeans, my gold loafers and this new striped Merino wool Tippi Sweater from J.Crew.

striped sweater from J.Crew

Here’s a closer shot of the sweater. It’s got bold stripes and a Kelly green tie at the neck. It’s a nice mix of girly and sporty and can be paired with a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans.

The bag is from Longchamp called the ‘Le Pliage’ tote—I have had it for years and it’s the perfect weight and size for walking around NYC and doing a bit of shopping. It’s light and so very packable.

Favorite spots for sipping tea in NYC, Harney and Sons Soho

When I travel, I love popping into food shops. I find eating and drinking my way through cities like Paris and London help me get connected to the culture. In London, you simply can’t miss tea time. NYC certainly has a few spots for fancy tea times. this is a bit more relaxed. It’s not about loading up on sweets and treats, it’s about sipping something marvelous.

Harney & Sons Tea has been around for more than 30 years. The brand started in Salisbury, Connecticut, and that’s where I discovered it the first time. The company remains family owned and operated, but the reach of the tea has really grown in the 10 years I’ve know them. You’ll get a good sense of what the brand is all about when you visit the Harney & Sons spot in Soho.

When you pop into the tasting bar and lounge be sure to talk to the knowledgeable staff. They will set you up with a sample or two or three. With 250 varieties of tea to pick from, be sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy the process.

tea tasting bar

I tried some delicious Ceylon tea and learned that I have been using too-hot water to steep my white teas. I am sure you will pick up some insider knowledge too. This place is a treasure trove of teas and also a great spot to pick up gifts for your tea-loving friends.

Plan your visit to Harney Tea
433 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 933-4853

Other NYC ideas for foodie fun for Two Hands Soho

Photos by Marcus Stukes follow him on Instagram @Silverscreen_productions

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Love This Sweater

Love this sweater. For Valentine's Day or every day, this sweet heart sweater is perfect for your wardrobe.

I love this sweater. And I love this month. Because we are doing something different. You heard me talk about a shift from buying to doing… and that’s where we are going this month. Yep, I’ll be talking about cute outfits, but I’ll also be talking about my favorite places in NYC.

Not fancy—just fabulous. Both the clothes and the spots. I’m sharing the real spots where I spend my time, meet girlfriends and just soak in the vibe of the city.

For today’s adventure, I head to TriBeCa (it stands for triangle below Canal, if you’ve ever wondered) to pop in to see a friend’s restaurant. I’m wearing what I wear to work about 75% of the time—jeans and a colorful top with comfy shoes.

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it’s fitting that I have this Talbots heart sweater. I love this sweater for the playful heart and the easy fit. Plus, yay for stripes. It has a playful heart intarsia placed at the center front panel, and it’s finished with contrast red stripes along the crewneck and sleeve hem.

Love this Sweater

I’m wearing it with my trusty cabi denim jeans, zebra belt and my tieks foldable flats. It’s easy to put together, easy to wear and everything can go into the washing machine. This is how I roll!

Love this Sweater

Accessories—a good book! I’ve been toting this book around town and I’m almost done. Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner is very moving and inspiring. I might have to do a full write-up soon. I’ve been wearing bracelets a lot. I’m still recovering from too many statement necklaces, so I’m wearing bracelets. And I added my red monogrammed clutch (also from Talbots, but about two years ago) for another pop of red. I usually pop this in a larger tote and have it hold my essentials.

Chasing Slow

Now let’s talk about the setting. For February, I’m talking about the places I LOVE to eat or grab a cup in NYC. It’s meant to tell you more about real city life and maybe inspire you if you are planning a visit.

If you are coming to NYC or already live here, be sure to visit Two Hands Restaurant & Bar. In NYC, brunch is an art form, and the duo that started Two Hands know this well, their bunch game is strong. I met one of the owners years ago in New Zealand. He started the first Two Hands (a café over on Mott) to share his love of great coffee and nutritious comforting food.

Love this Sweater

The owners are both from Australia and you’ll get a beachy relaxed vibe at both locations. and you’ll likely hear a lot of Aussie accents. Definitely let the barista make you a coffee or a matcha. You won’t be disappointed.

The brunch menu is veggie heavy—like the Brassicas Bowl: loaded with broccolini, brussel sprouts, kale, hummus, avocado and a soft boiled egg. It’s the spot to linger over a second cup and clear you plate while enjoying the company of friends or a good book.

Brunch at Two Hands

What to order: Beet Cured Salmon Bowl—which does have fish, but it’s really about the bed of goodness underneath. Don’t miss an order of the banana bread with espresso mascarpone, toasted buckwheat and honey (and bonus, it’s gluten free).

Plan your visit to Two Hands NYC
251 Church St, New York, NY 10013

Photos by Laura Cardona, check her out on instagram here @cardonastudioo

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