Giveaway Winners


March 2014

Quaker Oats: Mindy and Laura

February 2014:

Target Giveaway: Janice

Mabel’s Labels Giveaway: Susan P. and Clarissa

Turn it Up Fashion Giveaway: KM Loove

 Kaeng Raeng GiveawayTeresa

January 2014: 

Nomad 2: Dawn S.

Osage County Giveaway: Elena I.

Holiday Giveaway Bundle: Kelly Moore

Panada Brand Sauces Giveaway: Jennifer Tilson

Little Me Giveaway: Jessica Beard

Hickory Farms: Becky Willis


Sephora Gift Card Giveaway: Natalie Yarbrough

New Balance Giveaway: LaTanya Thornhill

Muck Boots: Callie C.

SkinnyEats: Callie Bowers, Alyson Widen, Kimberly C, Cheryl Free, Clarissa, Anne Lehnick, Blessie Nelson

Dali Decals: Rochel Sidell


Aveeno Giveaway Winners: Megan Bohlinger, Theresa Janke, Angela Snoozy, Cheryl Free, Jessica Persky

Staples Giveaway: Jodi Adams

Nature’s Bounty Giveaway: Clarissa