Road Trip Sanity Savers

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Anyone hit the road this spring break — and then wonder why on earth you decided to lock yourself in the car with your offspring for hours on end?! Instead of swearing off road trips with your brood again, check out some of our favorite road trip sanity savers. Some … Continue reading

Take Your Family To Toronto

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Have you been to Toronto? The first thing most people say who have visited is “It’s so clean!” And it’s true – for a major urban city, it’s ridiculously clean. But did you also know that it’s less than an hour’s flight from New York, Chicago and Boston? And did … Continue reading

Ski Big Sky Resort Montana

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Why fly to Montana to ski Big Sky? Hello wide, open spaces. Spaces to find fresh powder, and spaces to find the family connections that are all too easily frayed during our hectic lives. Montana is a refuge from soccer practice, deadlines, crowded restaurants, homework and all the other stresses … Continue reading

Lone Mountain Ranch Montana


Our quest is a family vacation where we get out in nature to enjoy winter. So many families recoil at the thought of getting out in the cold. The trick to make winter fun is to pick the right activity and the right location. This year we hit the jackpot … Continue reading

Winter Tires and the Polar Vortex

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Scary fact: Only 25% of snowbelt drivers equip their vehicle with winter tires. Scary because I’m on the roads with this cars. Theses drivers feel puffed up in their big SUVs but with the wrong tires, those 4-wheel drive vehicles aren’t as safe as they can be. I don’t want … Continue reading

Our Favorite Ski Moms


We’re huge fans of skiing here at Momtrends. The all inclusive ski guide that we put together is evidence of that. And it’s become obvious that many of you are ski enthusiasts as well, so we thought you might like to hear from some of our favorite ski moms! We’ve … Continue reading

Ski Steamboat for Family Fun

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Families love skiing Steamboat. When I announced my trip on social media, I was impressed by the responses from the Momtrends community. You guys know this mountain and love it. Well, clearly it was high time we added coverage of the resort to our Ski Guide. One of the first … Continue reading