Alta is for Skiers

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Alta is the place to turn a person who likes to ski into a powder hound. Are you ready to fall deeply madly in love with skiing like that? Then Alta is your spot. Alta is teaming with a specific kind of romance and it’s a lot more accessible than … Continue reading

Packing Tips for Easier Spring Break Travel

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Who’s ready for a spring getaway? Whether you are heading by plane, boat or car, heading to the snow, beach or a far-off city, hopefully you are taking a spring break somewhere wonderful. Here are three packing rules I’m following this year. Tip 1: Choose a suitcase that fits your … Continue reading

Family Ski Resort Mont Tremblant

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We picked Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada for our family ski trip for three reasons: location, snow and off-mountain fun.  At Mont Tremblant in Canada, you can get a feel of being in a European ski village with great snow quality without having to fly across the Atlantic. Plus, when … Continue reading

Finding Family Adventure in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is certainly a trendy destination for families that crave adventure. It’s safe, gorgeous, full of wildlife and natural splendor. Have you been following along with the trip so far? Did you read about when we went to the canals and found crocodiles and otters? Do you know about the … Continue reading

Plan A Disney Adventure in Costa Rica

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Animals and adventure–that’s what Costa Rica is all about. On our Adventures by Disney trip to Central America, we got to enjoy a coast-to-coast trip the Disney way. It was full of adventure and without hassles. We entrusted the experts at Disney travel to plan and execute a trip that … Continue reading

Deet Free Mosquito Repellant Review

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Mosquitos suck. Literally. They can ruin a vacation and they can spread disease. Perhaps there is a scientist out there who can give an impassioned speech about the glorious plight of these blood-suckers, but most people I know just hate them. When it comes to warding off mosquitos, we know … Continue reading

Colorful Keens for Adventure Travel


Hola from Costa Rica. Where the scenery is lush and gorgeous! On our recent Adventures by Disney trip we travelled light (as usual). We had to have rain gear and rugged gear.  I didn’t have room in my luggage for 5 different pairs of shoes for me and my daughter. When … Continue reading