Holiday Playdate with Foodstirs

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A Foodstirs baking kit helped this mom work some Christmas magic. Mom Guilt Alert: All those picture perfect baking moments on instagram and pinterest were starting to get to me. Most years I roll out my family sugar cookie recipe and bake with the girls. This year, I seem to be … Continue reading

SwimToday & USA Swimming National Championships in Texas

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Momtrends joined South Texas bloggers and USA Swimming for lunch at the NationalChampionships in San Antonio to learn all about the #funnestsport. While the group enjoyed lunch (and the kids played and colored), USA Swimming Chief Marketing Officer Matt Farrell welcomed everyone and introduced SwimToday, the organization’s program created to … Continue reading

Inside the Momtrends Back to School Bash

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I have a toddler and an infant, so I’ve yet to experience the hustle, bustle, and manic mayhem of the much-dreaded (or perhaps highly-anticipated) back-to-school season—at least not as a parent. My son does attend nursery school though, and getting him prepared for a few hours three days a week … Continue reading