Mommy-and-Me Fuzzy Sweaters

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This little peanut gives me all the warm and fuzzies… After five weeks in a spica cast, she’s finally free, and it feels so good to be able to hold her and cuddle her and kiss her up without a giant, fiberglass pair of “pants” getting in our way. Speaking … Continue reading

How to Layer for Winter


If there is one thing my kiddos don’t love, it’s the cold. They’re Florida babies through and through, so they don’t typically have to deal with too many months of cold weather, but this year we had a couple of trips that meant they got to experience some temps they … Continue reading

Puffy Coats for Kids

Puffy Coats for Kids

Did you know New York City gets 25 inches of snow a year! Yes, it’s a lot and that’s why we need puffy coats for kids. Starting in December, the weather changes, Temperatures dip below zero, but we still have to get out. Our walk to school is just under … Continue reading

Back to School with J. Crew


The girls are heading back to school with J.Crew next week. The weather is still quite warm here, so we need transitional styles. No one is ready for jeans and sweaters yet. These two J.Crew outfits are perfect for the early days of school. My little one still loves dresses. … Continue reading

The Best Baby Girl Gifts


Not too long ago I shared some of my favorite baby boy gifts because I know so many lovely mamas to be who are expecting boys…That being said, even though I don’t personally know as many women welcoming little girls to their families, I bet at least a few of … Continue reading

Back to School Trends to Love

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I can’t help but talk about a few back to school trends to love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m savoring the weeks before the girls go back to school. But, since I’m inundated with ideas on what kids are going to love, I thought I’d share a handful of things … Continue reading

Perfect Sneakers for Back to School

back to school sneakers

Remember when the just-right pair of sneakers was the key to your school success? I know the power of the perfect back to school sneakers. This year my girls will be heading off in the hottest trend for back to school—high tops with loads of personality. Our top picks were … Continue reading

Our Favorite Swim Finds for Kids


Being that we live in Florida, my kids pretty much live in swimsuits all summer long. Whether they’re going for a dip in the pool, splashing around in the surf or simply running through an old fashioned sprinkler, they’re all about getting wet. Haha! So, we have a healthy collection … Continue reading

Stella McCartney Kids Sale


Good news if you’ve got mini fashionistas–it’s time for the Stella McCartney Kids Sale! Stella McCartney is one of my favorite designers. She’s found a way to make fashion street chic and workable for my work/mom life. But you know what’s even better than her fashions for me? Her kid’s … Continue reading