Spring Fashion Favorite: Overalls


Overalls came back with a vengeance a couple of seasons ago and, I have to say, I wasn’t exactly on board with the trend…All I could think about were the horrible ones I wore as a tween…with one strap down of course. The horror! So, I didn’t intend on dressing … Continue reading

How to Inspire Confidence in Your Daughter


One of the biggest concerns moms have for their tween/teen daughters is their loss of confidence. Social media, friendships and simply going through adolescence can contribute to girls comparing themselves to others and, in many cases, ending up on the short end of the stick. Our girls need their moms now … Continue reading

Little Superhero Style


Those of you with little dudes and maybe even little ladies probably have major superhero fans on your hands. Am I right? We definitely have a couple superhero lovers in our house. In fact, one of them is mama. No joke. My kiddo and I have big time Marvel mania … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day #momslove Contest Bundle

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First comes love…we are all about sharing the love this Valentine’s Day. We kicked off the season of love with our #momslove campaign on both pinterest and instagram and even shared some of our favorite love quotes.   The #momslove campaign also included a fab photo shoot by Classic Kids … Continue reading