DIY Gift Basket for Mom

mother's day gifts

You’ve still got time to make a DIY gift basket for mom. I put this one together on my latest shopping trip to Marshalls. For just about $40, I was able to create a thoughtful, sweet gift for my mom. How to Make Your DIY Gift Basket for Mom I … Continue reading


how to change a toilet paper roll

It’s high time my family learned some basic toilet paper etiquette. Some folks have toilet paper battles about whether the roll should come from the top or the bottom. Frankly, I don’t care I just want someone else to refill the roll. I got my chance to talk TP and toilet … Continue reading

Testing Clorox My Stain App


What’s on your homescreen right now? A bunch of apps that you barely use? I admit the meditation app has been gathering virtual dust. Time to de-clutter my phone. I want a apps that work for me and solve problems. Like my calculator, my workout reminder, and my new Clorox® myStainTM! … Continue reading

Samsung’s POWERbot Robotic Vacuum


Robot vacuums are genius. I can think of 1,564 things I’d rather do than clean BUT I’m also really picky about how my home looks. I’m forever tidying things up and wiping down the counters and battling clutter. We have a cleaning lady come in for the heavy duty cleaning … Continue reading

Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Vacuum


Cleaning ins’t my favorite. But I do love a good vacuum. We’re still loving our Shark Sonic Duo now I’ve got an additional weapon. Check out our review and demo of the Powered Lift-Away Technology. Display of all the tools and how they work. Find out more This is not a … Continue reading

Top Minted Anniversary Sale Picks


Are you in need of invitations, Birth Announcement, party decor, Minted’s Foil-Pressed Personalized Stationery etc.? Well, you’re in luck! Today is the last day to take advantage of the 15% off discount for the Minted anniversary sale! They’ve officially been around 7 years and want to celebrate with YOU! So, … Continue reading

Clean Up Better: Bounty with Dawn


  2 is better than 1. Well that’s the rule when it comes to cleaning. Two little helpers get more done than one–when the girls team up to tackle room clean-up or laundry the chores are finished in a flash. Bounty figured out the same equation. They teamed up with … Continue reading

Fashion Week Chic: Washable Style


Trend alert from New York Fashion Week: Wearable is in! Has there been a BIG shift in fashion? Are designers ready to say buh-bye to fussy fabrics? Yes, and no. Watching the 2015 fall fashions was a great sporting event. There were artistic statements (Thom Brown) and glorious collections (Ralph … Continue reading