How to Keep Your Produce From Spoiling

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I want my family to eat healthy, but throwing away squishy bags of questionable raw spinach or apples gone mushy really irritates me—can I get an amen? And I’m not forgetting about them in the deep, dark corners of my fridge. I’m talking within the week! There’s nothing I hate … Continue reading

Healthy Resolutions for Kids


I recently read an article about how resolutions can be beneficial for kids. “Making a resolution can teach children and teens how to plan and take charge of their actions.” This was a quote from a Wall Street Journal article by Clare Ansberry. And I agree. Healthy resolutions for kids … Continue reading

End of Year Health Check Up


I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own in this End of Year Health Check Up. Full disclosure. The new year means a new chance to make health a priority in your family.  With a plan for your family’s health care, you can not only … Continue reading

Best Office Lunch Ever

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When Panera first started popping up in New York City, I was beyond thrilled. My favorite suburban lunch spot was now accessible to me in my beloved city. Whoo hoo! Now I can eat Panera pretty much whenever I want with the new line of take-home soups, pastas, breads, salad … Continue reading

Great Summer Salads


Perfect for your summer 4th of July Celebration, I’m sharing an exciting salad from Stonyfield’s recipe pages. We’re loving all the healthy ingredients in this enticing summer salad. Whenever we can cut out the mayo we do–this salad is a perfect example. And we think this bright and colorful slaw … Continue reading

Celebrate Fair Trade month (& a giveaway)

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October is Fair Trade month and we are excited to support and celebrate such an important cause.   When goods are labeled Fair Trade Certified™  it means these products are not only held to environmental standards, but they’re good for the farmers and workers who produce them as they receive a fair wage for their … Continue reading