Best Dry Shampoo

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I’m a no-shampoo convert. I need the best dry shampoo I can find.  Since 2008, I’ve cut way back on shampooing. It’s no accident that this coincided with having my second child. I simply had less time for beauty rituals. But there was a bonus to letting the shampooing go…I … Continue reading

BanaBean: Subscription Hair Accessory Box for Girls

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Little girls love accessories: bows and headbands to name a few. But they are also notorious for losing them. I remember buying my friend’s daughter a gorgeous handmade hairband (pretty pricey one, too) that she loved—but also lost about 2 hours later. Lesson learned. As part of our subscription obsession, … Continue reading

Game Day Ready With Forever 21 and Ribbon Braids

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I’m a big sports fan, but never at the expense of looking cute. Sometimes it’s hard to find flattering women’s sportswear that won’t break the bank. Luckily for us sporty girls, Forever 21 has come to the rescue with adorable NBA shirts, hoodies, and even fitted dresses with your favorite … Continue reading

Summer Hair Recovery

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I can’t honestly say I regret a single moment I spent in the pool or at the beach this summer. Sunshine and sand make me happy. I’m definitely the “fun mom” when I can go into the water and play. Now that Fall is here in earnest, I got a … Continue reading

No More Tangles Hair Tips for Back to School

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I’m sharing my top styling tips for girls with long hair. Both my girls have long hair–they love the look, but HATE the brushing. Yes, they want the trends they see on their favorite shows and on social media–braids, ponytails, buns–but they fuss over styling sessions. These girls watch hair … Continue reading

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program


Have you ever considered donating your hair? As someone who’s donated herself, I can tell you it’s well worth the effort! I mean all you have to do is grow your hair out…Nature basically takes care of that for you. Haha! I only wish I had known about the Pantene … Continue reading

How to do a Lice Check on Kids

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Hair care tips for moms–perfect for before or after summer camp. So many parents complain that their kids come home with lice (sorry, but true). If it happens, we’re here to help. Our tips are provided by the Founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care about head lice treatment and prevention. … Continue reading