Momtrends Must-Have Strollers for 2017

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BEST EVERYDAY STROLLER: OXO TOT CUBBY+ While you may know them for their can openers and garlic presses, OXO’s line of baby and toddler products continue to make headway into the marketplace. Their Cubby + stroller earns a spot as our favorite new everyday stroller for 2017. This stroller pair … Continue reading

Sunday Runday With the New Graco Jogger

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Oh, hey there Sunday Funday… or should I say Sunday Runday? It’s finally starting to feel like spring around these parts, and I couldn’t have been happier to spend some quality time outdoors with my peeps this morning, enjoying the sunshine and warmish weather. In fact, I was so inspired … Continue reading

Best Baby Gear For Type A Moms

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Are you a Type-A mom? Some characteristics of Type A’s include being highly organized, impatient, proactive, ambitious and concerned with time management. We don’t have time to dig for our keys, figure out whose cup is whose, or wonder where the binky fell. We need smart baby gear that is as … Continue reading

How to Pack an Organic Gym Bag

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I’ve been getting more and more intrigued by the organic community and all the products that fall into the category. The term “organic” spreads far beyond the food industry into products and companies I never knew existed.  I had NO clue that organic feminine care was a thing! It is! As … Continue reading

Best New Diaper Bags Out for Fall

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Deep greens and blues. Heathered plums and greys. And lots and lots of black and white. Fall colors are my jam which is why I am having all the heart eyes for these new diaper bags out this fall. From fun prints to classic neutrals, these new diaper bags will … Continue reading

Monday Mingle: Cute Workout Gear

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Are you on the hunt for cute workout clothes? I have been testing and loving the fitness brand tasc performance–it’s mostly bamboo and 100% fabulous. I don’t know about you, but cute clothes make a huge difference towards keeping me motivated. tasc Bayou Booty tight ($88) | tasc Falaya Racer ($40) | TTFN … Continue reading