Best Office Lunch Ever

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When Panera first started popping up in New York City, I was beyond thrilled. My favorite suburban lunch spot was now accessible to me in my beloved city. Whoo hoo! Now I can eat Panera pretty much whenever I want with the new line of take-home soups, pastas, breads, salad … Continue reading

Rubbermaid FreshWorks #LongLiveProduce

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It’s berry season and I’m totally swooning for the fruits that are filling up the markets. Sometimes I go a bit overboard and purchase too many pints. Then I’m left with waste at the end of the week. It’s depressing…good fruit gone bad. Wasted time. Wasted money. Wasted fruit. Here’s … Continue reading

Saturday Sips: Sparkly Sorbet Sippers

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Saturday Sip cocktail

Happy weekend! The wine slushies from last week had me thinking me more about easy ways to make delicious frozen boozy treats. And this week’s idea is just as simple. Two ingredients. Endless flavor combinations. And while it’s ridiculously easy, it’s also ridiculously chic making it the perfect finale for … Continue reading

Must Have Citrus Cocktails

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It’s Vitamin C Day! Citrus lovers rejoice. Now, one could interpret that to mean that today would be a great opportunity to share healthy citrus based recipes. I’m going another route however. BWAH! Vitamin C Day inspired me to round up some of my favorite citrus flavored cocktails…because, well, it’s … Continue reading

Saturday Sips – Kombucha Cocktails

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We all want to be healthy. But we also all have kids and work and stress and life that can leave us pulling our hair out by the week’s end. So what can you do when you want to make a healthy, good-for-your-body choice AND relax after a long week? … Continue reading

Our Favorite Wine Drinks

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Today is National Drink Wine Day, so we obviously had to share our favorite wine drinks. Not only do we love vino on its own, we also love it when it’s part of a tasty cocktail! And that’s probably pretty obvious if you go back and look through our drink … Continue reading

Polka Dot Party with Mini Babybel®

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featured cheese

I am an official brand ambassador for Mini Babybel® in 2016. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own. I’ve always been a cheese lover. It’s been a weakness since I was a kid. Now as an adult, it’s important to me that I still … Continue reading

Perfect Drink For All-Day Super Bowl Sipping

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Are you hosting friends and family tomorrow? Or heading to someone else’s house? Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow which means you may very well be joining 114.4 million of your closest friends cheering for your favorite team, yelling at the TV, and consuming large quantities of guacamole, chips, and chicken … Continue reading

Easy Irish Coffee Recipe

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This year’s epic snow storm might have come and gone, but it’s still pretty darn cold out there…Am I right? And who knows when we’ll be blanketed with even more powder, so I’ve decided to dedicate today’s cocktail to everyone who is feeling the chill tonight…And also to anyone who … Continue reading