Where to Eat in Big Sky

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A world class ski resort needs a few things. First, great reliable snow. Second, luxurious lodgings. Third, they need great food. If you’re heading to Big Sky anytime soon, I’ve got a slew of great ideas on where to eat in Big Sky Montana. Where to Eat in Big Sky … Continue reading

Snack Time Hacks

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Kids are bottomless pits… or so I’m told. My kids could pass on significant meals all day in lieu of snacks, snacks, and more snack. Salty eats, sweet treats, crunchy munchies, and ooey-gooey chewies, they don’t discriminate. For snacks, there’s no satiating their hunger… But put a balanced breakfast in … Continue reading

3 Super Bowl Appetizers Sure to Score

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Super Bowl LI is this Sunday! Are you ready to cheer on your favorite team to victory? While we’ve already got you covered with some crowd-pleasing beer-based cocktails, we promise that these Super Bowl appetizers will be a touchdown. Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party at home or are looking … Continue reading

5 Superfoods to Put In Your Smoothie

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Happy New Year! If you’re anything like a gazillion other people around the world, you’ve made a goal to eat better, exercise more, and get healthier. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, the key to making (and keeping!) smart goals is to make them specific and measurable. So cross “eat … Continue reading

Overnight Oats Recipe

Early Morning on the Mountain

Ah, breakfast… “The most important meal of the day.” I know it may sound like the ultimate cliché, but it’s equally accurate. And it’s never a truer statement than when I’m traveling with my family. With busy days of packing, skiing, sightseeing, and carrying heavy equipment (did I mention the … Continue reading

One Potato Family-Friendly Meal Kit


Our fall schedule is bananas, I need a little help in the kitchen. I am thrilled to share my test run with One Potato family-friendly meal kit. It’s an organic delivery service for families that want to give their kids the best AND still want to be involved in meal … Continue reading

A Perfect Pair: Popcorn + Wine

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Most of the time, I try to follow this simple health rule: dessert or wine, but not both. This helps me to limit my calories intake and be more conscious of my eating and determining if I want that glass of wine or that piece of pie more. But I … Continue reading

Successful Lemonade Stand

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Running a successful lemonade stand was one of our summer highlights. Here’s the thing, you never know when the big activity of the summer will occur. Often, it’s something small that turns into something big. Kids will surprise you all the time with what resonates. This summer we opted to … Continue reading

Best Office Lunch Ever

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When Panera first started popping up in New York City, I was beyond thrilled. My favorite suburban lunch spot was now accessible to me in my beloved city. Whoo hoo! Now I can eat Panera pretty much whenever I want with the new line of take-home soups, pastas, breads, salad … Continue reading