Three Fruity Drink Recipes


If you caught me on the weekend with a drink in hand, I would most likely be clutching a craft beer of some sort. They tend to be my laid back weekend fun go-to. That being said, sometimes I get a little ambitious…especially when I’m craving a delicious, fruity cocktail. … Continue reading

Three Easy Breakfast Ideas

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If you’re anything like me, your mornings are beyond hectic. You have to get yourself and the kids ready which takes up enough time on its own. Being able to spend a ton of time cooking breakfast is probably a luxury you don’t have. But it’s so important to send them … Continue reading

Must Have Citrus Cocktails

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It’s Vitamin C Day! Citrus lovers rejoice. Now, one could interpret that to mean that today would be a great opportunity to share healthy citrus based recipes. I’m going another route however. BWAH! Vitamin C Day inspired me to round up some of my favorite citrus flavored cocktails…because, well, it’s … Continue reading

Our Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes

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With National Spinach Day being tomorrow, I thought now would be a great time to share my favorite way to use spinach…in a green smoothie recipe. If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I would ever love drinking my spinach, I would have said no … Continue reading

Halo Mandarins: Easter Treats

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Amongst the Peeps and jelly beans, finding a way to convince your family to eat a delicious treat that isn’t sugar coated can be tricky…especially this time of year when all the say is Easter candy everywhere. We’ve come up with solution however. Behold…Our super cute and simple ways to … Continue reading

Three Seriously Tasty Popcorn Recipes

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What do you eat on Popcorn Lover’s Day? POPCORN of course! If a “holiday” was made for me, it was certainly this one. I’m definitely a popcorn girl through and through. No movie is complete without a bowl of that salty (and sometimes sweet) goodness in my book. And while … Continue reading

How to Get Kids to Eat Fish

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Everyone wants to know my secret to getting my girls to eat fish. Like most things in parenting, it wasn’t a quick fix or a secret recipe. Yep, friends, just as it is with potty training and manners, it takes time and effort (AKA parenting) to make it happen. That … Continue reading