It’s A Party: Summer Camp Out Party

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Happy Summer, campers! With the season in full swing, and an abundance of parties and gatherings, what better way to celebrate the great outdoors than with a  camping-themed party? Check out our latest party in the It’s a Party series, featuring a unique coffee bar with delicious, aromatic Hawaiian grown … Continue reading

Create a Burger Bar

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Time to fire up the grill. This party theme is such a crowd pleaser–a burger bar. Find out how we set up this family-friendly meal I’m walking you through my picks for toppings and options to make the meal a bit healthier with sides of raw veggies. and we’ve got … Continue reading

Skinnygirl® Wines

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Girlfriends are something to celebrate. These past few weeks have been insanely busy, but my girls have my back. We’re in this crazy business of working and parenting together. What’s a better way to celebrate friendship than to gather your girls for a night of wine and nibbles! My party … Continue reading

Farmers Markets & Allergy Survival

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Kids see everything we do. It’s more meaningful by far than what we say. Each spring I make a renewed effort to embrace the local movement. In part it’s selfish, I love eating fresh produce bursting with flavor. Part of it is a grand “teachable moment.” My girls see me … Continue reading

On the Go Snacks for Moms


As a busy work from home mama, I am always short on time. It sounds cliche, but there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Haha! I have a bunch of balls in the air at all times, which is frankly how I like it, but it means that I … Continue reading