Orange Wine Spritzer Recipe


If you caught my blueberry wine spritzer recipe you know that I like bubbles…and I don’t just mean champers. I’m a huge sparkling water fan too, especially when we’re talking about San Pellegrino! It’s something that I always have stocked in my fridge. I, obviously, have plain sparkling water for … Continue reading

3 Must Have Smoothie Recipes

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One of my all-time favorite easy breakfasts has to be smoothies. You can throw one together in mere minutes and you don’t have to skimp on flavor to sneak in healthy ingredients. My kids and I are kind of flavor snobs. We try to eat a wholesome diet around here, … Continue reading

Black Velvet Cocktail

black velvet

If you love the smooth velvety taste of Guinness, yet at the same time, appreciate the light airy bubbles that accompany champagne, the Black Velvet cocktail is for you. Not only does it require just two ingredients, which is always my jam, but it evokes an old school kind of … Continue reading

3 Yummy Bubbly Adult Beverages


For some reason my mind is always on cocktails when Friday night rolls around. I’m not the only girl with happy hour on the brain by the end of the week right? I mean summer days with the kids…and work…well, they’re looooooong. So, I look forward to putting my feet … Continue reading

Pink Lemonade Shandy

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If you know me, you know I LOVE my craft beer. In fact, I encouraged you to try out local breweries when traveling last week. I have to say that practice what I preach folks. Even when I’m not on a vacay I make it a habit to sample our … Continue reading

Best Office Lunch Ever

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When Panera first started popping up in New York City, I was beyond thrilled. My favorite suburban lunch spot was now accessible to me in my beloved city. Whoo hoo! Now I can eat Panera pretty much whenever I want with the new line of take-home soups, pastas, breads, salad … Continue reading

3 of Our Favorite Blueberry Recipes

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There is not much I enjoy more than than whipping up my favorite recipes with all the delicious produce you can find in the summertime. I, admittedly, am more of a baker than a cook, so fruit filled recipes are kinda my jam. And if we’re talking about cocktails…they’re really … Continue reading

Saturday Sips: Drink Local


My hubs and I have a travel tradition no matter what kind of trip we take and no matter where we go…We always drink local. That means we make it a habit to seek out the areas best craft beers. We’re nearly never disappointed by being adventurous. Much like I … Continue reading

Four Fun Fourth of July Recipes

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With the long weekend nearly upon us, I thought it would be a great time to share some of our favorite Fourth of July recipes. Whether the whole neighborhood is coming over or it’s just going to be your immediate family, we have some backyard barbecue ready Fourth of July … Continue reading

How To Keep Mosquitos Away

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Since it’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week, I’d like to tell you how easy it is to keep them at bay by using a product that is practically magical. No, there’s no Harry Potter spells involved, but it does work like a charm. I love being outside. And since I just … Continue reading