Nova Scotia Organics Review & a Giveaway

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Pay Now or Pay Later” when talking about your health? It is a little motto I play over and over again whenever I think about the cost of my organic lifestyle vs a more conventional one.  By choosing an organic diet, I avoid harmful … Continue reading

Easy Apple Granola Bites Recipe


In my seemingly neverending quest to come up with healthy snacks that my family will actually eat, I decided to try out a new “recipe” using ingredients that I knew, individually, they all liked. Peanut butter, apples and granola are always a hit. So, why not smoosh them together as … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Lovers Day: Kid Snack Edition

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Peanut butter has gotten a bad wrap in recent years, but if you’re not allergic to this delicious nut, it can be great source of protein, fiber, magnesium and potassium. In celebration of Peanut Butter Lovers Day today, we’re sharing some of our favorite peanut buttery snacks we love for … Continue reading