Apple Harvest Soup Recipe

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Our apple trees are amazing this year. It’s been an incredible harvest. I know, I’m supposed to be a city girl, but here’s the thing, on weekend I play farmer. We have a house about 100 miles from Brooklyn in the middle of nowhere. It’s in very rural Connecticut and … Continue reading

Veal Chop & Mango Salsa Recipe


I’m stepping up to the grill! My husband is the master griller in the family, but every now and then I get inspired to play with fire! This is my go-to veal chop recipe that’s a crowd pleaser. I’m a fan of veal. It’s a succulent, tender meat that’s easy to … Continue reading

Ninja Coffee Bar

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If Sofia Vergara invites you to join her for a cup of coffee, you should say yes. I got to sip on a tasty latte and chat with the Emmy-nominated actress about the Ninja® brand’s new coffee machine, the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer. While this fabulous actress admitted to me … Continue reading

Diet Tips for Moms

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I’ve written a lot posts about fighting the good fight when it comes to diet and fitness. I don’t think we have to be less fabulous–inside or out–as we age. As time marches on, we have to be proactive about our health. That means making smart food decisions and NOT … Continue reading


Muller yogurt desserts

Is it ironic that I’m too busy to read my book about being busy! Gah, life of the modern woman. I’m trying to be really purposeful this fall. My goals are controlling the email abyss, making my health a priority (aka getting more sleep) and making time to read more. … Continue reading

Bento Lunches for Grown Ups

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Bento lunches are ALL the rage–for both kids and grown-ups. This back to school season, I’m not only packing my girls lunches, I’m packing up my own snacks to take with me on the go. Good things come in small packages. Just in time for the Back to School season, … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Breakfast Burrito

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Fresh fruit makes every recipe taste better. This quick and easy breakfast recipe was inspired by my recent trip with al fresco all natural to go glamping in Ithaca New York. Al fresco all natural gathered a team of bloggers to swap recipes and think out of the box about sausage. … Continue reading