4 Apps For Dealing with Food Allergies

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Having a family member with food allergies can add a whole new level of planning to shopping, food prep and eating out. From grabbing dinner on the road to finding suitable snacks for school lunches, it can be overwhelming to first learn about a new food allergy and then to … Continue reading

The Ultimate Apple Recipes Roundup


One of my favorite things about fall is the bounty of fresh apples that are at our fingertips. And I’m guessing that many of love making apple recipes in the fall as much as you love tackling pumpkin recipes…If I say I love something as much as I love pumpkin, … Continue reading

Apple Harvest Soup Recipe

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Our apple trees are amazing this year. It’s been an incredible harvest. I know, I’m supposed to be a city girl, but here’s the thing, on weekend I play farmer. We have a house about 100 miles from Brooklyn in the middle of nowhere. It’s in very rural Connecticut and … Continue reading