Snowtastic #SkiMoms Giveaway


You know we love to see ski mamas (and ski dads) playing in the snow with the kiddos. But we also know USUALLY it’s the kiddos who get all the cool gear. Well, we are putting an end to that with our Snowtastic #SkiMoms Giveaway! We’ve got more than $500 … Continue reading

Ultimate Baby Shower and Giveaway

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MUST HAVE 1 – BABYNES I was able to breastfeed my first two daughters, however I also supplemented with formula. Like most new moms, I found myself constantly worrying about their nutrition. Were they getting enough and was it the right nutrition? I wanted to make sure they were getting … Continue reading

How To Keep Mosquitos Away

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Since it’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week, I’d like to tell you how easy it is to keep them at bay by using a product that is practically magical. No, there’s no Harry Potter spells involved, but it does work like a charm. I love being outside. And since I just … Continue reading

Zippy Loom: Easy Crafting and a Giveaway

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I’ve always been a “crafter”. My parents encouraged me to create things (or, at least attempt to) rather than buy them and the ideal has stuck with me always. Personalized and handmade items became super trendy thanks to the advent of Etsy, and now everyone can be an artisan. However, … Continue reading

Life Is Good® Art Campaign

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life is good art contest

  Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like the simple optimism of a child. It doesn’t matter the situation, my children always manage to bring me joy and help me to focus on the simple pleasures in life. To them, Life is Good all the time and here … Continue reading