Mother’s Day Bazaar contest bundle

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Here at Momtrends we are all about scoping out the latest trends, and styles and bringing our moms a little bit of reprieve from the daily grind. In celebration of all of our special moms, we are giving away a bundle of goodies from a slew of brands that we … Continue reading

DIY Gingerbread House #TargetHoliday

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DIY Gingerbread House for Kids

The holiday cooking season has officially struck our house. While I love to cook, during this time of year the cooking gets a lot more sweet with baking cookies on the top of our list. One of our other favorite sweet traditions is to make a gingerbread house. Normally I … Continue reading

Gratitude Crafts for Kids #TOMSforTarget

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Toms for Target

In our ever-growing consumer world, it can be tough to teach kids what it means to be grateful. With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to teach my girls (6 and 3) what it means to be thankful, and the best way that I could do that was through art and simply … Continue reading