The Best & Safest Sunscreens for Kids

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sunscreen for kids

Whether you are hitting the beach or the pool, doing the park or a downtown stroll, keeping the whole family protected from the summer sun is key. It can be a victory enough just to get sunscreen on your kids! But, sadly, not all sunscreens are created equal. Here are … Continue reading

3 of the Best Products This Year for Women

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I’m always looking for products that will make my life easier. I’m a busy girl…so I need to know: Does it help me do something faster? Better? Am I saving money? Time? Does it keep me safe? The answers to these questions in regards to these next three products are “yes”. … Continue reading

How to Exfoliate Your Skin

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Raise your hand if you’d like to have smoother skin! Wouldn’t we all? This girl certainly has both hands raised. My biggest tip for getting softer, smoother and here’s the kicker… younger looking skin is exfoliation. Even sensitive skinned girls like myself can find an exfoliation method that works for … Continue reading

How to Get the Perfect Nude Lip


If you’ve watched any of my beauty videos before you’ve probably noticed that most of the time I rock uber bright lips in them. Red, pink, coral…I meal I love love love love them all! The brighter the better in my book. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m totally apposed … Continue reading

Tween Hair Care from Fairy Tales

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Anyone with long hair knows how important it is to use the right products to take care of those tresses, but good hair care goes beyond products. The process is important too! Since so many of our tweens rock long locks like their mamas, we though it would be a … Continue reading

Beauty Finds for Runners

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I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon last weekend in a personal best time–1:49:35. It took a lot of hard training in all sorts of weather. Winter running has it’s beauty challenges (dry skin and wind burn), but summer running is even trickier. Of course I had a training program for … Continue reading

Age Doesn’t Define Me

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Kids are excellent at spotting hypocrites. When we tell them to put their phones down and spend time with family, they call us on it. I know my girls have made me keenly aware of how and where I check my phone.  I know I have been guilty of scrolling … Continue reading

The Best Face Mask Ever


Skincare is a very important part of my life and I recently added a powerhouse little product to my beauty routine that instantly improved my complexion…And I do mean instantly…My skin looked better after just ONE use people! I know that sounds like it’s too good to be true, but … Continue reading