Beauty & Beyond: NYE Up Do a la Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawerence

New Year’s Eve is here. Party dress, check. Glitter and glam makeup, check. Sky high heels that make you tower over all things, check. Reservations…wait a second…yes, check. Phew.

But you have zero idea what to do with your hair.

As you turn forward the clock, turn back the clock with this incredible up-do that channels the lovely lady of the hour  – Jennifer Lawrence  and her sensational ‘70s style of character Rosalyn from “American Hustle.”

american hustle up do CollageHere’s how to do it:

Rosalyn’s Retro Glam Updo

  1. Apply a coat of Kerastase Fibre Architect to all your hair to start. This will calm down your frizzfest and make the hair more manageable and smooth.
  2. Create a deep angled side part. Doesn’t matter which side. I’m thinking, choose your most natural part’s side so that your hair won’t fight you.
  3. Curl your entire head with a 1-inch curling iron or flat iron, in 1-inch sections. Make sure to keep all curls tight and intact. Spray a coat of hairspray to lock in each curl, so that you can work with them later.
  4. Separate hair into two sections, front to back. Spray another coat of hairspray for hold. It was the ’70s. There was a lot of hairspray.
  5. Take a small portion of the front of the hair and apply another coat of Kerastase Fibre Architect to smooth hair and minimize flyaways. This will create the swoop ‘bangs’ in the front.
  6. Next, take 2 inch sections of hair and backcomb (or tease, as we called it in the ‘80s) until desired volume is achieved. Take each section, twist and pin on the top of the head using bobby pins.
  7. Continue teasing, twisting and pinning each section until all hair is pinned up.
  8. Finish with another coat of hairspray for hold.

Now you’re ready to tackle the night and ring in the New Year. Happy 2014, lovely ladies!

Photo courtesy of Salon Capri

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