Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

golden globe red carpet favorites
Red Carpet Fashion Recap time. Award season is like a fashion orgy for me. So much pleasure’??an not much of it guilty. The stakes are high and the lights are bright. The 2013 red carpet season kicked off with last night’??s Golden Globe awards. The evening mixed talent from both TV (as Amy Poehler calls it the ‘??rat faces’?) and film. The lovely Tina Fey and Amy co-hosted the event. I liked their banter. It had an edge, but not a fatal one. Now if only these ladies hired better stylists for the night. I’??ve seen both of them dazzle. But tonight? Fizzle.

amy poehler & tina fey
The good? Amy’??s hair. Loved the side bun. The bad. Amy’??s tux. C’??mon. Those pants soooo did not flatter her. And Tina, what about the golden va-va-voom dress from the promotional videos. You looked fabulous. The L’??Wren Scott black and white number did you no favors, Tina’??s hair doesn’??t work as well with her lovely checkbones when it is down. I think NBC threw them under the bus style-wise. Thankfully, they both have loads of talent to fall back on.

Who did I love at the awards? Let’??s start with Jennifer Lawrence (nominated for Silver Linings Playbook which I need to see). The young star had the flu and managed to look every inch the glamour queen in Dior haute couture looks freezing. Another ingenue who delivered the goods was Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta

When it came to the more “seasoned” actresses, there were two that stood out. Sally Field‘??loved it. Pretty, elegant and sophisticated in Alberti Ferritti. Just the right amount of cleavage and sparkle. And then Julianne Moore. She had the best makeup of the night. The smoky eye appears to be here to stay. I love the rich browns and plums I saw on the red carpet. Julianne Moore was head to toe glam and was splendid in her Tom Ford dress.

What else worked? I admire the risk takers like Lucy Liu. Her Carolina Herrera lit up twitter. I for one, liked it. The Globes are a time to take chances. It’??s the first party and as Matt Lauer told me 9000 glasses of champagne are served’??it’??s a bubbly affair. I always love the way Julia Louis-Dreyfus put herself together for awards. Her lacey/nude Vera Wang dress hit all the right trends. She almost made by favorites but her hair didn’t work.

Now let’s talk key trends: lace, sheer, cleavage, red/coral.

golden globe sheer and lace

Jennifer Lopez and Kerri Washington showing of sheer. 

golden globe red carpet

Some hot mamas–Jessica Alba and Clair Danes are newish moms!

golden globe cleavage

Flaunt ’em if you’ve got ’em ladies.

kristen bell pregnant
Special category: The most adorable expecting mom award goes to Kristen Bell (wife of Dax Sheppard) wearing Jenny Packham.

The misses. What was Giuliana Rancic wearing? She looked goth gone bad. And what is up with Jessica Chastains’?? helmet I mean hair. I give her this: Her boobs look good ant the blue color of the Calvin Klein Collection suited her but she looked mighty uncomfortable in the plunging neckline.


red carpet misses
And finally my favorite part’?¦picking the dresses I would actually wear to an award show. Since I likely would only be working the carpet, not accepting, I don’??t need to steal the show, just keep up. I would love to see either of these dresses hanging in my closet: Olicia Munn in Giorgio Armani or Rachel Weisz in a Louis Vuitton dress and Serpenti bracelet. Oh it doiesn’??t hurt that she was on the arm of dapper husbandDaniel Craig.


Steal the red carpet look


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brahmin tablet clutch


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  • I thought for my age group that Helen Mirren, Sally Fields, and Julianna Moore looked amazing!! I loved it that Julianna Moore promised her son from the podium to be at his varsity basketball game this week!!

    • Agree– the ladies of a certain age were fabulous!

    • I too agree with Pam here!!!

  • Nice recap, Nicole! I love seeing all the beautiful dresses…I’d welcome (most) any of them in my closet!

    • I’d have to buy a new apartment to fit all the ones I loved!

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  • My favorite was Anne Hathaway, I thought she looked so elegant in her Chanel Couture outfit.


  • Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in her red dress. Definitely my favorite!

    • She’s setting a high bar for the Oscars!

  • I loved the two hosting..the beginning was hilarious and I wish they would have been more involved. Kristin Wig/Will Ferrel were HILARIOUS..I was literally crying!
    I agree with you about Amy’s the idea but so not flattering! I love Clair Danes..she looked amazing..and I think I am so focused on her because I am obsessed with Homeland!!!!
    Have a great week Nicole!
    Sheree xxx

    • Claire was amazing. And I don’t even have a love of Homeland!

  • I loved Claire Danes and Kate Hudson’s gowns. J.Lo was a big disappointment because I had high hopes from her! And Jessica Chastain had one of the worst hairstyles of the globes history! Nice recap!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

    • Thanks Jyoti. Jessica had serious helmet head!

  • poor Giuliana. do you think joan rivers will be kind? i hope she’s honest about how awful it was. worst of the night. and why do zooey’s gowns never, ever fit her properly, forcing her to hunch over? Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, Kate Hudson… all amazing.

    • I don’t think Joan can be kind. It was bad.

  • I have to say my favorites were actually Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington. Jennifer’s burgundy dress was so beautiful, and you could see how proud she was of her hubby when he picked up those awards!

    • Jennifer did beam when her husband won. Such a cute moment!

  • If I had to chose one, it would be Claire Danes red gown. She looked radiant in it.
    Have a wonderful week!

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  • Claire Danes, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson were definitely few of my favorites.

    ‘?? © ‘??

  • So many fabulous looks. I have to say this one of my favorite awards shows in recent history as far as fashions go. Classic and beautiful styles!

    • It was so much fun to watch!

  • zooeys dress is a gorgeous colour and i agree with you Rachel Weisz looked gorgeous in that pretty floor length number! Loved your commentary, best i have read! xx

    • Thanks Rachel. Don’t you think they should hire me to cover the red carpet for the Oscars?

  • I also loved the gown Julianne Hough wore…she was style perfection

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  • I also loved Amy’s hair. Because I’m a total fangirl, I thought Jennifer Garner looked awesome.

    And, I gotta say I am not feeling the sheer. Seriously, J.Lo, we know you’re hot. Now cover up.

    • Jennifer did look lovely and so sweet how proud she was of Ben.

  • I adored Amy and Tina as hosts! And I always love Zooey in a flirty pony and girly gown! My faves were Emily Blunt and Kate Hudson. Obsessed with the gold!

    • I want to hang out with zooey. She looks like so much fun!

  • Does Jennifer Lopez ever get it wrong on the red carpet??? In her day to day outfits there are some misses…but on the red carpet she is always a dream. Love her sheer lace illusion dress!
    Also adored Claire Danes..did she really JUST give birth?? OMG!

    Have a great week!

    • clair Dane’s trainer deserves and award!

  • i thought kate hudson looked AMAZING and sienna miller’s dress was just AWFUL.

    xoxo, jenn the stylish housewife

    • I have to google Sienna’s dress!

  • I totally agree with you on Amy and Tina’s style – those dresses they wore in the promos were amazing! Why couldn’t they choose something equally stellar for the awards? and cropped pants? really?

    At least there was plenty of other swoonworthy fashion to be seen!

    • Next year, Tina should hire me. I’ll do it for free!

  • I have to agree. There were a lot of pretty dresses. The hostesses could have sparkled more but I definitely LOVED Tina Fey’s sparkly teal dress worn to open the night. Zooey was also one of my faves and Halle definitely the top of the worst. In my opinion, she looked so tacky! Great post, loved that you covered absolutely everything. 🙂 – Carla

    • Poor Halle! Better luck at the Oscar’s.

  • I really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s dress and Julianne Hough’s dress too. Great giveaway this week!

    • Thank you. I liked Julianne Hough too-but it didn’t make my top list.

  • Tia

    Olicia’s dress was definitely my fave!

  • I’m a big fat awards show junkie. It drives my husband crazy, but I don’t care. I love them! And I have to say, I really love all of those gorgeous moms that were working it last night!

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  • Kym

    Great recap, especially for someone like me who doesn’t usually watch awards shows, but still loves to see the fashions of the night 🙂
    Zooey Deschanel is my favorite – she can do no wrong in my eyes. And you are so right about Guliana Rancic – her dress is pretty bad. Can she nominate herself as fash-hole of the week on Fashion Police??


    • I hope Joan calls her on it!

  • I loved Jennifer Lawrence too! Another favorite was Jessica Alba. I ADORED Rachel Weiz gown too however I didn’t think it was appropriate for the event. It looked more cocktail than evening wear, that being said – I would love to own it too!

    Come read my fashion recap too!


    • Headed to your recap now!

  • Love the recap! We had a few of the same loves and dislikes – though one different one – I actually loved Halle Berry – (I realize I’m in the minority on that one) I thought she looked stunning – but Kate Hudson was a definite favorite…. and as I go back through, I realize I left out Jessica Alba – so gorgeous 🙂

    • Halle is one of those who could make a HEFTY bag look chic. It just wasn’t a trend I loved.

  • CC

    Loved all the red dresses! Claire Danes looked amazing and Kristen bell looked adorable.

  • I love how you categorized all the looks. You seriously should be a magazine editor…Oh wait, you kind of are! I loved Kate Hudson’s dress so much! Have a great week!

    • Thanks Sharon. I do love my fashion coverage!

  • Love your recap! I thought Ann Hathaway and Salma Hayak were amazing too! Most of the ladies really looked fab last night!

  • Great coverage. I agree totally with the ‘misses’ That announcer’s dress was bugging be big time.
    I was checking out the dresses from the perspective of would I have chosen it and shockingly a lot of them were a ‘no’ but I did love seeing them on the actress’s.

    Thanks for hosting.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Next stop the Oscar’s!

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  • Celebs are so boring to me these days I can’t even. But I like your picks. Julianne Moore and Amy Adams were the other highlights for me…

  • I really liked Jennifer Lawrence (I’m a total fangirl) and Kerry Washington. I think I’m over J. Lo and Halle, it seems that they wear the same type of dress to every event.

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