Recipes with Blueberries

Many of us want to prepare healthier family meals or get the kids more involved in cooking, but making these lifestyle changes means keeping the whole family engaged. The good news?  Blueberries ‘?? make it easy to incorporate fresh, healthy, energizing items into family menus throughout the dreary winter months.

So when you’??re ready to blast away the winter blahs, head to the produce aisle for a package of little blue dynamos. Here’??s how they’??ll keep your family on the right track in 2013:

Grab-n-go convenience:

Fresh blueberries are ideal snacks for families on the go ‘?? toss them in oatmeal or yogurt; add them to peanut butter sandwiches, mess-free; pack them in lunchboxes; or eat them straight from the carton during morning commutes

Energizing great taste:

Flavor isn’??t the only thing they’??re bursting with. A recent Harris polling shows that 73% of moms agree their kids think it’??s fun when they serve them blueberries**; 76% agree blueberries fuel fun activities* and 78% of women who eat blueberries agree they  add a little boost to their day*

Dynamic health benefits:

It’??s no secret that blueberries offer noteworthy nutritional benefits. Vitamin C, manganese and fiber are just a few — read up on the latest here!. You can even sway the pickiest eaters with these kid-friendly blueberry snacks


Year-round availability:

You can find fresh blueberries in grocery stores nearly year round.

Frozen blueberries are great for smoothies and baking. Enlist the kids’?? help in freezing blueberries  at home, or look for them in the freezer section of your grocery store.

For a sweeter treat, try dried blueberries in trail mix or party mix.

  Visit www.littlebluedynamos.com for new blueberry recipes, health information and more.

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