Friday Food: The Perfect (and Healthy) BLT

The height of tomato season has come and gone. As my final homage to my favorite food I am presenting the Perfectly healthy BLT.

Whole Wheat Pitas
Tomatoes (ripe and in season please)
Arugula (washed and dried)
Turkey Bacon

  • Broil the turkey bacon on a cookie sheet in your oven (I find it is impossible to get turkey bacon crisp any other way). Then split a small pita in half and toast.
  • This sandwich is mostly about the tomato (as it should be). Slice it thick and only use the very best.
  • Spread the mayo on the pita, layer your tomato and then the bacon, top with arugula and serve warm.

What were you up to this week? Bonus points if it involves tomato.

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  • Sounds delicious, except for the fact that I don't like tomatos 🙂

    I've got my post up and now I'm off to visit the other link participants.

    Happy Friday, Momtrends!



  • Liz


    I played this week. Thanks for the invite. 🙂

    Mine is here.

  • This looks delicious!!!! Is this something you do every Friday? I usually post a recipe every Friday and would love to link up if you do. You have quite a few linkys but no one's left a comment yet? Anyway, I am in a little bit of a blog funk doing it for so long and would love to add some fresh scenery so another link up would be great.

  • I love the pitas for this – great idea. It is so sad that tomato season is almost over. It is truly one of my most favorite foods.

  • I love BLT's with heirloom tomatoes- we try to eat our fill every August and September (alas, we like the regular bacon…)

    Thanks for inviting me to your link-up- looks fun!

  • Hi Feliciano,

    LOL, bonus points for tomatoes? How about if I link a Salsa Taste Test this week?

    Thanks for stopping by. Your perfect (ly heatlhy) BTL looks fabulous. A fav!

    Enjoy your weekend. :~D

    e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons

  • Sheesh, sorry, I meant to call you Nicole, not Feliciano… it's late! :~D

  • We had BLT's last night, but not the healthy kind! This one looks just as delicious though 🙂

  • We've been eating whole wheat pitas (and low carb wraps) all summer, so this recipe is just perfect!

  • Your photo does look delish! I love fresh tomatoes from the garden – perfect sammy for this time of year!

  • This looks like a wonderful light lunch! Thanks for sharing!

  • I do this every Friday! It is a growing party and I love all contributions–recipes, cookbook reviews, table scapes, snack ideas, etc. Thanks so much. Tell your friends.

  • Oh yes, fabulous homage in deed. I have bacon ,tomatoes and lettuce…what am I thinking. Off to task my son to fry the bacon. 🙂