Test Stroll: Baby Jogger City Micro

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect urban stroller. The one that takes up little space, is lightweight (for stairs), handles well, takes curbs and bumpy sidewalks like a champ and gives me room to stow my gear.

The new Baby Jogger City Micro ($159.99) stroller from the folks at Baby Jogger fits some of these needs. It is nimble and I love the quick, flat fold. But hey, Baby Jogger, what is up with the wimpy wheels! I expect you guys (the folks who mastered smooth suspension) to do better than these small (6″ and 8″) EVA wheels. They were simply no match for the Brooklyn sidewalks.

What I liked: Plenty of storage, good looking lines, easy to fold and stash in the car or a closet. The canopy offers plenty of shady. Nice handles and the seat is quite roomy and will hold up to 50 lbs of kid.

What I didn’t like: Wheels, brakes seemed flimsy. Scratchy harness lacks padding and is tough to adjust, stingy recline.

Buy Baby Jogger City Micro on Amazon.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09991551412602714899 Leane

    Great review.
    The wheels do seem really important to how the stroller will function and hold up.
    I didn't know strollers had brakes on them?!
    I am missing out, obviously.

    We are still using the 'baby' stroller and my son is too big for it, but I am trying to stretch those dollars that went into it.

    This really is a great looking stroller and I loved positive points you made about it.