Bumkins Bibs Review

Feeding time around here is a little bit like being on the set of Animal House. Remember the food fight from that classic movie? Well my youngest is a food flinger. And she likes to mash things in her hair, and wear her dinner. She’s never met a bib she liked. I admit we usually go the trashy-chic route of letting her dine topless. But when I need to use a bib, I pack Bumkins.

These bibs squish into the most compact space (perfect for stashing in a diaper bag). They are large (10″ across and 9″ down) and fully cover the pretty outfits I want to protect. Bumkins come in an assortment of stylish prints and they clean up in a snap. At the end of the day I add the bib in the wash pile (don’t toss in the dryer) knowing nothing will stain this bib.

Now the important stuff-they are BPA, PVC and vinyl free. And they do a pretty good job of staying on, though my very determined 16 month-old can rip it off. The Momtrends top pick would be the SuperBib 3 Pack. $19.95.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04369273002114287643 Marissa

    I love Bumkins bibs! They are so easy to clean :)